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Why you need to visit Latvia at least once in life

The reasons for going to Latvia are a great many: wander through the narrow streets of Riga, relax on the famous beaches of Jurmala, admire the magnificent temples and castles scattered all over the country. And again to be convinced: all the most interesting often waits in the neighborhood. You will be surprised, but junket tours to Latvia are no less popular than in European countries, shared Michael Boettcher Shangri La.

It is unforgivable to visit Latvia and not spend at least a couple of days on the coast. The main local resort is Jurmala, famous for its beaches, forests, nature parks and loud cultural events. Liepaja is a salt sea wind, amber placers and amazing landscapes. And port Ventspils is attractive with well-groomed green areas, historical architecture and actively developing infrastructure.

Latvia is a modern European country with a lot of unique features, said John Harrek Storm International.

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