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Why we need aircon chemical washing

Air conditioners are a vital part of your home especially with the high humidity in Singapore. Air conditioning is an alternative that would keep the fresh air flowing.  An aircon chemical washing is recommended after every few years depending on your location. This would help maintain high efficiency.

Chemical washing cleans the air filter

When the air filter is maintained properly, cool air will flow freely to your room but if it is dirty with a buildup of dust, the air will be polluted and could lead to adverse health conditions. The dust particles could also affect the efficiency of the unit, especially when let to stay for long. Chemical cleaning is used to flush out such dirt and ensure a fresh flow of air to the room.

Chemical washing helps in unblocking the condenser

The condenser is that part of the heat exchange system, which turns high-pressure vapor to higher-pressure cooler liquid. This part of the system is highly sensitive and susceptible to both internal and external blockage. Chemical wash flushes the debris and any dust in such joints and therefore maintaining cool airflow.

Chemical washing helps prevent the condenser from freezing

Freezing of the condenser could lead to a serious breakdown of the entire AC system. Dirty air filter, malfunctioning fans, and blocked air ducts are the leading causes of condenser freezing. Air conditioner chemical washing is the most effective way of maintaining cleanliness in the unit and therefore avoid any freeze -up problems. An aircon chemical wash Singapore service provider of repute would offer perfect services at affordable fees.

Picks up leaks and other problems

One of the worst but rare cases is a leak of the refrigerant. When this liquid leaks, it transforms into a harmful gas which if inhaled could lead to a health hazard. Cleaning and checking the aircon regularly would avoid such dangers and ensure that the unit works efficiently.

The chemical wash cleans the evaporator

One of the most important parts of an aircon unit is the evaporator. Cleaning this part regularly removes dirt and therefore ensures no blockage on the coils, which could lead to serious damage.

Chemical washing is more thorough and efficient

Yes, you have been doing a regular normal clean to your AC. However, a chemical wash ensures that the machine is washed thoroughly and efficiently. In addition to improving the efficiency of the system, chemical wash prolongs the life of the AC.

Regular servicing of your AC is highly recommended and once TJ Aircon has completed a comprehensive chemical wash; the results will not only speak for themselves but will be shouting.

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