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Why Skip Hire Options Are Important Now

Utilization of mercury-containing wastes is one of the priority issues in the subject of the ecology of Russia and the Leningrad region including. This is due to the fact that mass transfer of enterprises, organizations and the population to the use of energy-saving mercury-containing fluorescent lamps is carried out, which is supported by legislation. Also at the moment it is impossible to use only mercury-free technologies in everyday life and industry. The mercury contained in fluorescent lamps, as well as in medical thermometers and other devices, is a toxic element of high hazard class.

The Right Wastes

Often mercury-containing wastes are not transferred centrally by the population and organizations to special collection points. For this reason, there are illegal dumps and pollution of the environment (air, soiland sewage), damaging human and animal health. Also in the Federation, companies do not track the “movement” of mercury and balance after disposal of mercury-containing waste, damaged energy-saving lamps are buried in landfills, while in most cases deeper de-mercurization is required.  The use of the skip hire is important now.

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The Other Issues

Similar problems are also present in the sphere of neutralization of other household and industrial wastes (batteries, batteries, office equipment, automobile tires, oil products, medical waste, etc.). In St. Petersburg and throughout the country, a high level of risk of chemical pollution of the environment is due to the presence of enterprises that have potentially hazardous substances in their circulation, a developed transport network, the use of mercury containing devices and products and other hazardous substances in their daily lives.

The Supports

The environmental problems associated with environmental pollution with mercury have given rise to the development of a whole industry for the production of secondary mercury from mercury-containing wastes. In here, several enterprises are known that specialize in the utilization of this kind of waste (mainly fluorescent lamps).

In accordance with the Federal Law hygienic requirements for the location and disposal of production and consumption wastes” approved “Rules for handling waste production and consumption in the part of lighting devices, electric lamps, inadequate collection, storage, disposal, transportation and placement of which may entail harm to life, health of citizens, harm to animals, plants and the environment. According to these rules, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, including those who manage apartment houses, under the guidance of local government provide conditions for the collection and temporary storage of used mercury-containing lamps.

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