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What to Know Before Purchasing A Pressure Washer?

#1: In case the surfaces you are aboutto clean have any sort of oil or grease, you will require a warm water pressure washer to help clean them

Cold water pressure washers are good for cleaning dirt off.In case the surface you are about to get cleaned has some grease or oil, then cold water pressure washers will not clean it well. It is like trying to wash a greasy plate inside the sink. No matter the amount of soap you use, you are just probably smearing around the grease. Include hot water, because it can cut right through the oil and grease.

#2: Pressure washers needcontinuous maintenance, either by your employees or by using pressure washer service experts

Pressure washers like the laveuse à pression Unimanix move water under great pressure by the machine which thus leads to wear on equipment. Due tothosedifficult environmental conditions these machines normally operate in, maintenance becomes very relevant. Regular oil or grease changes are needed on the pump and the engine. Wearable parts,like nozzles, belts, and hoses require replacement when they get worn, and could also turn to a safety hazard if it is not replaced before failure. Burner systems could get clogged in case it isn’t properly serviced. Coils mightrequire descaling if hard water is utilized.  Check valves and pump seals will definitely need to be replaced.

#3: UL/CSA and CETA ratingshelps in providinga good “apples toapples” comparison between models and brands of pressure washers

Pressure washer ratings based on performance could be baffling. Cleaning Equipment and Trade Association (CETA) has developed a standard approach on how to calculate performance ratings. CETA certified machines made use of this approach, giving youthe opportunity to carry out “apples to apples” comparisons between models and brands. Whenever you see any rating of the 3.8 GPM you will definitely also see a CETAcertification on its product literature. Good 4 GPM rating is normally fromany company which does not evenadhere tothe CETA certification and they are “summarizing” to sound much more impressive. Search for the CETA.

#4: Making use of a good pressure washer Cleaning Consultant whoinspects all your cleaning application will minimize your risk of purchasingthe wrong machine meant for the job

What is more relevant? A pressure washer GPM, or the pressure washer PSI? Is the2001 PSI at 7 GPM better than 3000 PSI at 3 GPM? The answer to this question depends greatly on any existing cleaning application.

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