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What to Consider When Getting Door Handles?

Door handles are without a doubt the first thing people notice about a place, which is why they are important as they tend to unconsciously form a first impression of the person you are visiting. Door levers and door handles, both reflect the choice and character of the person you are visiting, and your own surely reflect a lot about you too. If you are considering buying door handles for your home or office, below are the criteria you can look for in a door handle based on your need, requirement, and choice.

Doors differ from each other in size, material and color the door handles differ in similar unison. There is only a certain type of door handle or door lever that is compatible with your door. Below are points you should consider when buying door handles and door levers

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What to Consider When Getting a Door Handle

Depending on the door you’re looking to select door handles for, will make your selection comparatively easier.  Considering it is for your front door entrance keep in mind the following things

•    Reliable

It is vital that the door handle on your main entrance is one of a reliable company and does not give in easily to tampering or break-ins. Moreover, certain door handles rust and wear out over a short period of time, make sure to opt for a suitable and well-reputed brand for avoiding extra maintenance. Reliability can be judged if it comes from a reputable brand such as Hiatt Hardware, Bunnings, Home Base and The Range etc.

•    Style and Design

Since it is the front entrance, it needs to be one of the largest ones in the whole house. Depending on your choice it needs to give the extra push of being the front door handle of your house. The style matters depending on your choice and the door handle’s compatibility with the design and material of the door. For e.g., if you have a large wooden Victorian door in your entrance, installing a lanky small metal on it would be an outright injustice. Instead, a Gregorian Latch Door Pack Chrome or a Victorian Scroll Lever Lock Brass from Hiatt Hardware would do it justice.

•    Security

Consider a door handle that is more complex than normal door handles. The complexity will drive away potential burglars looking to steal as it will take far more time to get through the door than normal.

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•    Affordability

It is important when considering door handles and door levers to compare the price and reliability as well as brand image. Based on the doors you want them for they can differ in their prices. For e.g. sophisticated and modern doors cost more than simpler door handles. So, for this reason, select the expensive handles for doors more used i.e. come more in view and rest of them could suffice for a less costly budget saving door handle.

Door handles and door levers speak volumes for what remains on the other side of the door, make sure yours is one of both style and impact.

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