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What Should Be Special For the Air Conditioning Now

It’s no secret that the climate is changing, and in summer it’s getting hotter. Therefore, without an air conditioner, in our time, it’s already hard. Agree, it is difficult to drive a car into hot heat, especially if you have to stand in traffic jams.

The principle of operation of this device consists in running, with the help of a compressor, on various intertwined knots and pipes of special composition – refrigerant. During passage through the tubes, the substance is transformed from a liquid substance into a gaseous substance, thereby taking heat from the ambient air. In general, the same principle as the refrigerator is there. Naturally, car air conditioners are much smaller and mobile than those used at home or in the office.

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Operation and repair of car air conditioner

Like all other mechanical devices, the air conditioner can break down. Of course, an experienced master, fix it, just spit. Only it is necessary to address to experts constantly, in fact it manages not cheaply. You can try to fix everything yourself, and knowing all the features of operation, do not allow breakages. So, let’s consider the main aspects of repair and operation of car air conditioners, which you can do yourself. The use of the air conditioning repair service is easier presently.

The Right Options

So, in order to find and eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary, at least superficially, to know what the auto-conditioner consists of. The main components here are five: it’s the composition of the refrigerant itself, the compressor, the condenser, the control valve and the special absorbent that performs the function of the evaporator. The compressor is the main driving force of the air conditioner; it is it that pumps the refrigerant. The condenser turns the composition into a liquid, and then, with the aid of an evaporator, the liquid becomes cold air.

For the Car AC

Car air conditioners do not like downtime, as the sealing glands can dry out, causing a refrigerant leak. Therefore, it should be included regularly, well, or at least without prolonged downtime. Even in winter, let him work, even for a few minutes.

To prevent this, oil is added to the coolant to lubricate the oil seals. And here the logical chain is seen: if the air conditioner does not work, the coolant does not move, oil does not come to the stuffing boxes, and they do not lubricate. That’s why it is necessary to drive it from time to time, otherwise, without serious repairs cannot do.

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