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Weekend Getaways from Kolkata for the Solo Traveler

Kolkata is a city of food, culture and music. Often, we use West Bengal and Kolkata interchangeably. But, West Bengal has a lot more in store for those who like the peace and quiet and love travelling alone. But, first, you need to reach Kolkata. I know you must be worried about the cost, but if you are from Delhi NCR, you may want to check out some of the really cheap flights from Delhi to Kolkata. There are a bunch of cheap flights from Delhi to Kolkata with the cheapest one starting from Rs. 2300. Otherwise, there are daily trains to and from Kolkata. Now, West Bengal has some low-budget and amazing places you can visit while backpacking. Some of them have been down for you.

1. Rasikbil

Located in the Cooch Behar district of West Bengal, this beautiful and wondrous place is about 468 km from Kolkata. Though the distance from Kolkata is quite large, all complaints dissolve like snow when you encounter the beautiful species of wild flowers covering every inch of this of this paradise. A blessing for bird watchers, this place hosts exotic species of birds and fauna. It is surrounded by three dense forests, and its most attractive sights are the deer park, crocodile rehabilitation centre, python house, leopard house and tortoise house.

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2. Taki

This rural village is located 80 km from Kolkata in the district of Hasnabad. The main attraction of this place is the slithering Ichamati river. With a Bagan Bari, which is loosely termed as a rest house, is situated on the banks. These rest houses cum resorts offer luxury beyond par to all the tourists. Local fisher folk can be hired to row you along the river. These fisher folks are famous was randomly erupting into a folk song while rowing. The gusto in this small riverbank is so infectious that it can turn a melancholy person into a fun-loving person. Full of culture, tradition, folk dance and folk music, this is a great place to visit if you want to feel the culture seep into your body. From traditional food that will leave you licking your fingers to tales from local fisherwomen which will fill you with amusement, this riverbank just overflows with love and happiness.

3. Shankarpur

This uncommercialized beachside is a rare beauty and is located in the forgotten district of Midnapore. Being completely ignored, this beachside is still pure and serene, with rolling waves smoothening over a spotless sandy shore. The Casuarina trees stand tall and proud along the seashore, enclosing it from one side. The coolness under their canopy is a welcome respite from a long day on the beach. Perfect for a secluded trip, this beach is only 14 km from Digha and 45 mins away on foot from another popular beach- Mandarmani. This makes it a perfect stop for all those who desire tranquillity from the over-exuberance found in West Bengal.

4. Samsung

This orange and green landscape of a village is nestled among the valleys of Siliguri in Darjeeling. This rural sleepyhead is yet untouched by industrialization and commercialization. Coated with tea gardens and dense forests, this village is home to many native animals and birds. Apart from all the fresh nature blast you get after coming here, you can go on further on Nature’s path and visit the Neora Valley National Park which is a mere 18 km from this tiny village. Samsung enlightens your heart, freshens your soul and fills you with a deep sense of serenity.

5. Purulia

The bewildering greenery of this land is what attracts solo travellers to visit this place. About 220 km from the airport, this place is made for a nice solo road trip. Full of lush greenery and beautiful and serene scenery, this is also considered to be the heaven of West Bengal. The age-old temples and the ruins of the forts and palaces give this small district an otherworldly charm.  Located on the far west of West Bengal itself, this sleepy village has created its own culture and folk dances like Chau dance, Jhumur and Chuang dance which are their pride.

West Bengal has such beauty hidden within it that it makes a perfect spot for backpacking. All its sites can be reached through Kolkata quite easily. Routine buses and outstation cars can help you reach these places very easily and with easy to get cheap flights from Delhi to Kolkata. So, be sure to plan your weekend getaway from Kolkata.

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