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Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Your home is probably the most valuable thing that you own; even if you do not often consider the value of it.  In fact, most homeowners only think about what their home is worth when they are ready to sell it.

Fortunately, when you stop to look at your home you will find there is a multitude of ways in which to improve the value of your home.  These techniques are not just to add monetary value to your home; adding curb appeal will help to sell your house for the right price and can be more effective than projects which add physical value:

Tidy Up!

This is the first rule of house selling.  A tidy house allows people to see the space properly, appreciate the room size and visualize themselves living in the house.  These are all essential parts of selling a home.  There is no cost involved in tidying your home; in fact this is something which should be done regularly to help decrease wear and tear.

Tidying should extend to the outside of your home; first impressions really do count!  A well presented home will attract interest.

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Basement Renovations

At the other end of the scale are the extension or basement renovations.  This will create valuable extra space and can be done on a budget.  Of course, you will need to spend some money to generate this additional value.  You should verify before you undertake the basement renovations what the likely increase in value is; you will then need to keep the costs of the basement renovations under this value.  If you do not it is a pointless exercise; if the intent is just to add value.

The Kitchen

Traditionally the kitchen is the room where most people congregate.  If you are not interested in basement renovations then upgrading your kitchen is a great way to improve appeal and add value to your home.  Kitchens can be upgraded by replacing cupboard doors and worktops or they can be completely refitted.

You will need to ensure there is easy access to all the appliances I your kitchen and that the value of the kitchen matches the value of your home.


If you undertake basement renovations you will need to paint all the walls.  The same premise applies to the rest of your house.  A fresh coat of paint will instantly make your house look bigger and more attractive to buyers.  It may not increase the value significantly but it will certainly increase the appeal to potential buyers.


There are several jobs which need to have planning permission before you can undertake them.  This is not usually the case with basement renovations but is often needed if you wish to extend your property.  If you do not have the funds to undertake a project you can still apply for planning permission and list this with your sale details.  The value and appeal of the house will automatically increase as people will know they can extend without fuss!

The value you add will be directly affected by the financial commitment you make, but choose wisely and it could make a significant difference to the financial reward when selling your home.


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