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Understanding the Types of Window Frames Available in the Market

When you are considering buying new windows or replacing them, an important factor to consider is the window frames. They are an architectural backbone of a window and a high quality frame keeps the window functioning in the long run. When you are seeking for high quality windows, centralized on the frame rather than worrying about the glass. You should also consider factors like the type and size of frame you need in order to buy it.

  1. Vinyl window frames

These window frames are made of PVC or Polyvinyl chloride. The same material is used for construction of pipes and fittings for plumbing purposes. The material is then molded into a straight shape, then crafted into a window frame, and filled with glass. Vinyl windows are deemed to be inexpensive and are also deemed to be good insulators. Vinyl is referred to as a versatile element and can be used to design window styles.

  1. Aluminum window frames

They are renowned for being rugged and durable. They are also a modern choice and are compatible with sleek and modern style. They allow a plenty of natural light to flow in and require less maintenance, particularly when they are not subjected to any paint. They never wear out in the sunlight and they are rot and mold resistant.

  1. Fiberglass window frames

They are not as common, but they are a robust and sturdy option. They are also easy to maintain. The windows are built from extruded fiberglass sections and the frames are shaped similar to that of vinyl. These window frames are famous for being weather resistant and temperature variations better than any material. As fiberglass is quite similar in composition to the glass panes when they are used to build windows, so both the materials are expanded and contracted in the same density during the temperature variations. Fiberglass is deemed to be an excellent insulator and the window frames prevent the transfer from heat as well.

  1. Wooden window frames

Wooden window frames are also as sturdy and durable like other window frame options mentioned above and also when they are properly looked after. Wooden window frames have been in existence since eons and they have also adapted to the modern housing standards as well. Nevertheless, they offer the same usual strength properties and aesthetic appeal that they always possess.

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