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Types of Window Film in London

To update the appearance of your windows, improve insulation or create privacy, invest in a beautifully crafted window film. With the variety available, making the right choice can become perplexing. Learn of the different styles of window film in London and which of these products are most suited to your home enhancement requirements.

UV Resistance

The most common complaint among home owners and office staff is the glare from the sun causing high temperatures including the exposure of furniture and equipment to UV light. High temperatures in internal environments will cause ongoing discomfort and increased reliance on air conditions and fans leaving you with hiked utility bills. Applying a UV resistant film to the glass will prevent the harsh sunlight from penetrating. It also blocks levels of light that come into the living areas. There is a difference between the UV resistant and the anti-glare films. The UV film is created to prevent percentages of light from penetrating through the glass and causing uncomfortable indoor temperatures.


Window films can be applied to large windows facing public roads or neighbours to improve privacy. Available in silver, mirror finishes, copper and other shades, it simply adheres to the glass. These films work with reflective properties and will create maximum levels of privacy during the day but will not reflect indoor spaces at night. The addition of a privacy film makes it easier to prevent prying eyes from viewing objects and furniture inside the home during the day. It acts a potential deterrent for would-be criminals.


If your windows appear dull and outdated or you wish to remove the heavy window treatments along the glass, the application of a modern window tint is recommended. These films are versatile and add sophistication for any exterior. You can have windows frosted with a film application or incorporate various shapes and patterns onto glass sliding doors and feature windows. Consulting with a professional will determine the most effective film styles and colors available to produce the desired standard of enhancement. Determine which shades and patterns provide beautiful, modern features.

Low Maintenance

Window films are flexible and decorative. It does not require ongoing maintenance and can last for many years when professionally installed. Only the highest quality installs must be delivered with guaranteed service solutions. These modern window tints are available for the home and the business. All sizes of windows can benefit from the application of film for decorative, privacy and UV resistance.

Professional Window Film Installation

When purchasing window film in London, call on a professional and dedicated service. Your trusted window film installers can advise on the type of tint, the costs and the duration for application. Quality products are delivered by authentic suppliers including installation guarantees. The smooth adherence to glass conducted by the right window installation company will prevent bubbles and peeling. The installer can advise on the longevity of your film and when it needs replacement. Choose among the types of modern window films available for the enhancement of all residential and commercial windows.

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