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Types of Tools Your Ecommerce Startup Should Have

Running an ecommerce startup requires juggling a lot of different tasks that range from simple and mundane chores to duties that require unique skills and plenty of time. If you’re at the starting line of developing your business plan and are still considering tools you will need  to help you juggle all the aspects of running a business, you may want to look at the different types of tools required before making decisions and putting your ideas in writing or reviewing your final business logistics with a startup attorney like Aaron Kelly.

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Because running a business effectively and efficiently is also not cheap, you may want to look at options that are inexpensive or free before committing to a tool that requires long-term commitment and expensive payments. Inexpensive answers to compelling business questions are available if you know what type of tool you’re looking for. From helping you streamline processes and improving daily functioning to determining long-term goals and tackling issues like scalability, there are many different tools to help you address different tasks.

Business financing tools. Raising and managing capital is often one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. For example, should you look for investors? Is an online lender a better option? Maybe it is a sound financial decision to borrow from a bank? How will you manage payroll? How will you conduct the billing process and manage your overall business budget? What tools are available for diagnosing the financial health of your company?

Dealing with the financial side of your business may seem like a never-ending job and may require you to look at a variety of accounting systems, payment gateways, and financial dashboards before deciding which of the many options are right for you. Business finance tools range from ecommerce payment platforms solutions like PayPal to accounting software like Quickbooks.

Communication tools. Most businesses will require at least one business communication tool that allows them to communicate regularly with people. Businesses need to connect with remote workers, prospective clients, dropshipping suppliers, and many others. A reliable video conferencing tool is critical to providing your business the ability to include participants, share screens and utilize video feeds. Many businesses also use social intranet software and issue tracking software, which that allows your customers or employees to submit a case or ticket for resolution. Internal communications that support blogs and videos are also advisable.

Don’t forget the necessary email network for your business. In addition to more traditional email platforms, project teams and groups need tools specifically designed to help them be more effective in the workplace. Designated spaces for collaboration, discussion, and organization allows you to keep track on project progress and provides an easy system for reporting out.

Marketing and advertising tools. As a business owner, you will want to design a logo, generate a catchy slogan, and maybe even garner some assistance in coming up with the perfect business name. Many free ecommerce business tools allow you to “try on” a wide range of business names and develop a logo that captures what your business is about and a tagline that will be memorable to potential consumers.

Media presence tools. From organizing and managing social media like Facebook and Twitter, social media tools help you to manage the range of accounts you are using. Social media management tools allow you to see which platforms are generating the most traffic, manage more than one platform at a time, and keep track of all of your passwords to multiple accounts. By increasing speed and efficiency, you can up your social media game by adding videos, blogs, and other forms of relevant content to your business website and other social media outlets.

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Project Management and scheduling tools. If you’re in need of a project management tool or have ever tried to coordinate a meeting with more than three people, you will understand how valuable project management and scheduling tools or software can be. Managing tasks, monitoring business activities, and finding common dates and times for events can all be streamlined with the use of these tools. May options have a free version where you can share files and manage your project groups through a real-time feed. Eventually, as your business grows, you may need to upgrade, but most will allow you a trial or free version that works well for small business activities.

What types of tools has your business found useful? Are there any you can’t imagine living without? Feel free to share your ideas here.

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