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Top Four Eco-Friendly Heating Alternatives for Your Home

As we strive to consistently reduce our carbon footprint and keep our world sustainable for future generations, heating is a big field to consider. We all need to seek warmth in the cold Winter months but need to be cautious how we do so. Let’s take a look at the best ways you can get heat this Winter while being kind to the environment.

Geothermal systems are becoming a widely popular method for homeowners to naturally heat their homes. These systems use a heat pump that is fueled by the natural temperature of the water found a few feet below the surface of the earth. This type of system works for both heating and cooling. While the initial cost of a geothermal system for your home can be a bit expensive, once you factor in the Government-issued tax reductions, they become quite affordable to install.

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Solar panels use the natural power of the sun’s rays to provide energy for your home. This drastically reduces the need for electricity produced from a nuclear power plant, which means less burning of fossil fuels and a reduced carbon footprint. This type of system can also work to provide excess energy for the electric company so that others can utilize your solar-created power and reduce their footprint as well. While these panels can come at a larger initial price, there are many tax incentives that make them an affordable investment for your home.

Biomass is becoming a very popular alternative to traditional fossil fuels when it comes to heating residences and commercial buildings alike. Biomass is typically found in the form of wood pellets that are made from living things, like plants and trees. This biomass contains stored energy that you can use to burn to create heat in your home. This is a renewable source of energy as trees and plants continue to regrow. When these biomass pellets for pellet stoves are burned, they only release the same amount of carbon the plant would have when it died. Biomass products are must cheaper than oil, natural gas, and propane fueling sources.

Masonry stoves are another great way to be eco-friendly when it comes to heating your home. These stoves vary from others because of their interior design that provides for circulation that traps the heat produced in the chamber of the stove. Masonry stoves burn wood like a normal fireplace, however, due to the design of this type of stove it traps heat within the bricks. This provides for a warmer environment in your home and requires fewer wood supplies, as it burns much slower than traditional fireplaces do. Just by the way the bricks are laid out, you can drastically reduce your carbon emission from heating your home.

Being eco-friendly while keeping a comfy warm home doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are many ways you can provide your home with the heat you need during those cold Winter months without emitting the unnecessary carbon that is harmful to the environment. We encourage you to take the time to decide on an environmentally-friendly way to heat your home so that you can do your part to keep the environment sustainable well into the future.

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