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Top Five Benefits of Passive House Windows

If you stay in areas that experience extreme climatic conditions, you would love to stay in a house with no temperature variations when moving from one room to other. It would be a comfortable house with no big holes in pocket caused by cooling or heating bills. Such homes don’t just exist in fantasy land but in reality too in the form of passive homes.

In a passive house, a comfortable interior climate is maintained without the need for an active heating or cooling system. Such homes make use of passive house windows too. These windows are not just restricted to passive houses but can be used in normal houses too.

Here are the top benefits of using these windows.

Thermal Insulation

Passive homes capture heat primarily from the sun, but instead of solar panels where sunlight is converted to electricity, here they retain it in the form of heat. The passive windows’ thermal insulation characteristics play an important part in retaining this heat. Using good passive windows like Neufenster passive house windows helps in eliminating the need for other conventional heat sources in the house to keep it warm.

No Natural Draught

Passive windows do not allow any pockets of cold air or drafts around it. As there are no varied temperature layers in close proximity of the window, the natural draught is eliminated.

Keeps Temperature Stable Inside

Even when it is very cold outside, the surface temperature inside does not drop below 17 degrees centigrade.

Recovers Its Cost

The additional amount that you spent on getting these windows installed gets recovered quickly in the form of reduced heating bills. As these help in retaining the natural heat from the sun’s radiation effectively, the annual energy bills get reduced drastically. Thus, in a relatively short period, you recover the extra cost that was incurred for installing passive house windows.

Flexibility to Design the Interiors

As the passive windows have very good insulation around the pane, it eliminates the need for confining central heating to the window area. It thus provides flexibility in designing the interiors as per your preference.

It actually sounds unbelievable that a home that is totally energy independent can be designed and constructed, but it is actually a reality today. A passive house is an ultra-energy efficient house and the passive house windows play an important role in it.

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