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Top 10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer is just around the corner. With spring just around the bend it’s time to get ready for some after winter home maintenance. The following is a list of simple and easy to do tips to help keep and maintain your home for perfect operating condition. At the same time, we are also conscious that the cold winter months are just around the corner

There are a few modifications you can do to your home to help reduce energy consumptions, as everyone anticipates the Spring and Summer season, here are some get-ready tips:

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Windows. It is very important that we look at the energy efficiency of our current windows. Older homes may have cracked windows or ones which are not properly sealed. Any imperfection in such windows can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Think of your home as a car. In a cold climate, if a car window is slightly open while the heater is on, the car will constantly be struggling to keep passengers warm and cozy. The same can be said for our homes, if the windows are cracked and are leaving cold air into the space, your furnace will struggle to keep your home warm.

Have your attic and roof inspected to ensure you have proper attic ventilation. You can take this a step further by installing attic ventilation fans to draw out the heat and reduce your cooling costs. Or-why not go green and replace your standard roof vents with solar attic fans? Another installation option is a whole-house fan. It uses the cooler evening air to cool the house and push the warmer air out of the attic.

Doors and weather stripping. I have always been shocked on how many homes today still have old outdated doors that let cold air into the home. With regular outside doors starting at a couple hundred dollars available through big box stores, it just doesn’t make sense to risk having high energy costs to save such little money. You’ll be paying it in the long run in energy cost so why not look at upgrading your outside doors. If you are keeping your front door for esthetic reasons but the weather stripping is worn, purchase new weather stripping at your local hardware store. They are easy to install and save you lots of money and hassle in the long run.

Maintain your furnace. Be sure to perform proper maintenance on your furnace. It is important that you get it checked on a yearly basis so as to ensure it is working to its maximum efficiency. Little things such as changing the filter make a big difference. It is always best that you have your furnace looked at before it gets too cold outside as you don’t want to get stuck on a harsh winter night without heat.

Inspect your sprinkler heads. Make sure they are adjusted properly so that you’re not watering your sidewalks, driveways or the street. You’ll be watering more in the summer, but do so in the mornings, and not during the heat of day.

Keep your blinds closed. Depending on your location, the summer sun can be fierce. Block it out and keep your house cooler by keeping your blinds and window coverings closed during the day. This is particularly important for west-facing windows. You might also think of investing in some insulated or room-darkening window coverings.

Wash the Windows. The one thing that it is easy to neglect (or purposely avoid) is cleaning your windows. However, after all that bad weather they really are going to need it. If ladders are not your thing spend the extra few dollars to call in a professional window washing company to do those tricky second story windows.

Check Your Gutters. When it was cold and miserable outside not cleaning out your gutters was understandable. However, that means that the chances are all those leaves that fell last fall are still there, cluttering up your gutters and presenting a potential problem. Now is the time to get rid of them and make sure that they are still in good shape.

Clean your blind. Wipe wooden blinds with a few drops of gentle wood cleaner on a nearly dry sponge. Aluminum blinds can be washed outdoors: Place them on an old sheet on a slanted surface, and scrub with water and a non-corrosive cleaner. Use a hose to rinse well, and then dry the blinds thoroughly with a towel to prevent rust.

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Get rid of dust. Work with gravity! Spring clean each room from top to bottom. Start at the ceiling by dusting fans and light fixtures with a damp cloth and a vacuum with a soft nozzle attachment. Unscrew light bulbs and polish with a microfiber cloth. Work your way down the walls, over the furniture, all the way to the skirting boards and flooring. Whilst you’ve got the step ladder out for spring cleaning, it’s a great opportunity to check your smoke alarms.

No matter how many of these you’re able to manage, you should notice a difference in your home. Good luck and have a happy summer!

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