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Tips for Picking a Suitable Location for Your Shed

Selecting a perfect location for your shed is one of the critical decisions any new shed owner needs to make. Numerous factors must be put into consideration. When coming up with innovative structures, there are several considerations to make, and we thought it’s time we shared a few tips for choosing the perfect spot for your yard shed.


The purpose of your structure is an essential factor that will determine its location. If you want to do some gardening and planting, you may put the structure closer to the gardens or plants. If you’re going to store garbage bins or bikes, ensure it’s located in a spot that can be accessed from the front yard. Listed below are some questions to ask:

  • What’s the key purpose of this building?
  • Do I require access to water or a hose?
  • Based on its function, where is it going to be convenient for me to access?
  • Do I require a ramp?

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Surface conditions

The ground and soil condition tend to be overlooked. However, this factor is important when choosing where to place your customized structure. Locations with low spots or pooling water are places you need to avoid, generally. The site should ideally be at a spot with a slight pitch to the rear – this encourages water drainage. In case you must build it in a tricky location or even a low slope area, ensure you prepare your site with a permanent foundation involving cement or ample drainage.


Most people quickly forget how important it is to light a garden shed. Nothing is worse than having to put your toys and tools in the dark after a long day. Note the amount of sunlight that will shine on the shed on any location you choose and how this impacts its use. If you opt for a shaded or darker site, you might want to add some extra windows or add a simple electrical lighting unit.


A shed will last many years if it’s placed in a location that isn’t wet. What’s more, low tree branches scrape the roof and sides during strong winds, and this can put wear on the roof or paint.


The last consideration we shall cover is landscaping. Be sure to factor in the future yard plans before you can choose a spot for the garden shed. While it’s possible to move your shed, it’s challenging to move it once it has been installed – carefully consider the location before installation. Would you like this structure to be a focal point in your yard? Do you intend to install a pool soon? Do you want the shed placed far from the main house? All these and more are significant considerations when choosing a perfect location. Depending on the circumstances, it may be wise to hire an expert who can provide a master plan for the yard even before the shed is constructed.

These simple tips are the common suggestions we offer when asked about choosing a suitable location for a garden shed. Are you ready to get that great shed that suits your needs? Contact us, and we shall offer you the best structure.

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