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Timeless Custom Homes in Pennsylvania

A space that lasts forever…how do you create this in a home? This is what everyone is seeking when it comes to their dream home. It is ultimately a space that you feel instantly “at home” in. This is the driving force and vision at RKA Construction of Pennsylvania. Creating dream, forever homes that can be used by succeeding generations.

The home building team at Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction seeks to create homes in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley that last for years to come and continue to be attractive living spaces for children and even grandchildren. Whether the home is to be passed down to future generations or sold for a nice profit at some point in time, there are certain aspects of home design that have proven to last the test of time. RKA construction is intimately familiar with these design queues from it’s many years of study and experience.

RKA Construction of the Poconos and Lehigh Valley, provides some astute understanding on how a timeless home design can be achieved. As an award winning member of the Pennsylvania Builders Association, RKA also comes with good references from other leading organizations and clients alike. Please continue reading for valuable insight from RKA about interior and exterior design that works beautifully today, and will very likely continue to be both attractive and functional in the future.

Timeless Custom Homes in Pennsylvania

Build Quality and Service

One of the most important aspects of ensuring a home’s longevity is to use high quality, durable materials. The materials that are used in the process of creating new designs and building new homes must suit the lifestyle and parameters of the people and environment they will be created for. One of the most important tasks of a high-quality home builder is to take these aspects into account when designing the home and choosing the needed materials.

The home builders at RKA take special care to use the best quality materials in each home it builds, so that it remains beautiful and sturdy for years to come. The professional builders at RKA offer a wide array of services that include helping the client design a complete new home, or perform renovations to an existing home they’ve always wanted. Renovations may include updating kitchens and bathrooms, painting the home, doing roof repairs or re-roofing, and completing other necessary general construction tasks such as flooring, electrical, lighting, energy-efficient windows, and improved insulation.

Interior Style

Interior design is very subjective to different individual’s tastes, so in that regard it can be difficult to pinpoint what may look good for decades to come. Instead of trying to predict what will best suit a family and their lifestyle in the future, RKA often advises people to design their permanent fixtures with a more minimalist emphasis and allow their personal taste to shine through in their knick-knacks, art, and replaceable items such as furniture. The more semi-permanent features like wall paper and paint are not extremely difficult to change over time, but tend to be updated less frequently then items such as home wares or curtains. The home builders at RKA pay a great deal of attention to the client’s choices in the design process of their home interior. RKA owner Robert Ace stresses this is especially important in the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and common living spaces.


Universal Design

You may not have noticed, but many of these aspects that make a house both beautiful and livable for a lifetime (and possibly more than one) will adhere to universal design principle. Universal design principle strives to provide a timeless environment that is useable to all people. Design that appeals to users is not only aesthetically pleasing but  practical. It is able to be regularly used, which is critical to the success of the home. The people at RKA are well aware not many people want to live in a museum-like environment that can’t be easily used by a family in everyday life situations.

Some specific examples of this would be incorporating no-step entranceways, attractive lever-handled doors, a large bathroom on the main floor, easily accessible storage space, rounded edges on built in seating, etc. Today even the most modern, usable technology need not overwhelm the living space whether old or new. The RKA team also carries this philosophy over into existing home services such as home additions, remodeling, outdoor decks, roofing upgrades, energy-efficient windows, and insulated siding projects.

For those not happy with their present home design, RKA points out a current home on a valued property can be remodeled to be exactly as the client always wished it could be. For those who don’t live in their desired spot already, a new home can be built on the perfect lot. Either way, the end result is the same. Owning and living daily in a custom home that continues to look great and function extraordinarily well over time.

If you are located in the Pocono or Lehigh Valley regions of Pennsylvania, and are interested in learning more about a new custom home or existing home remodel, we encourage you to contact Robert K Ace Jr Construction at 570-420-9908 or visit http://rkaconstruction.com.

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