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Three Types of Utility Barns

Are you around VA and you are interested in portable utility building?? The JZ utility Barns offers a variety of latest designs and material for your utility shed. This shed can fit it all from portable garage to that backyard workshop you have always needed. The shed is available in all type of materials and thus serves the best shed ever.

This utility business is a family-owned business. The founder was the late Jonathan who was succeeded by his five sons and their families in the running for utility shed business. Ever since the business was geared towards the provision of the best and quality sheds to their customers. The business is the currently the leading utility shed business in VA.At Utility Barns we offer a variety of sheds that best suits you. Among this is including;

  • Rent-to-own structures

Living in the city or congested places has got its setbacks. Are you tired of paying monthly rent in a warehouse to store your stuff?? Not able to have ample space for parking. The Utility Barns offers you with the best solution, save the hassle and shop with us at Utility Barns. You will no longer throw away your money on a self-storage that you will never own. We offer the right utility shed for you. Good news is that you can purchase the shed with no cash in hand as we accept credit cards for the down payments and the monthly payments.

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  • Dog kennels

We all need a safe place where our dogs can spend the night and escape from all harsh weather elements.Give your dog a new and a haven home by buying this portable dog kennels at our Utility sheds. Our dog houses come in different colors, size, and shape depending on your taste. Visit us today and pick your preferred dog kennel, you never know it might be your lucky day for a discounted kennel.

  • Portable garage

Instead of paying for something that requires a permeant foundation or that which requires property taxes, why not try something else like a portable garage?? At Utility Barns we offer strong, durable and perfect for your portable garage. We offer a high barn portable garage. This kind of garage will give you more space in the roof area; it provides you with that overhead space that you have always needed.

We also offer modular two-car garages. This type of garage gives you adequate space for an economical cost. You can use the extra space for workshop purposes or for storing other stuff; fishing, camping or landscape equipment. The modular garages are constructed using different metal roofing colors, they have LP exterior smart panel siding and have a five year manufactures warranty. Save money and buy these portable car garages today.

The perfect utility shed is a few clicks away. Utility Barns are manufactured in our facility and is sold directly to our customers, therefore, lacks the availability of intermediaries. Our hand builds portable storage structures are of high quality and are designed to last and take a beating. We locally deliver our services and place them, where you exactly need. Visit us now and get portable utilities of your choice.

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