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The Maintenance of Air Conditioning

In most cases, having bought and installing the air conditioner, it starts to be used in the same way as any other home appliances: TV, iron or vacuum cleaner, acting on the principle – let it work until it breaks. With regard to the same TV or vacuum cleaner, this principle justifies itself – before the first breakdown can take more than one year (high-quality equipment can work without specialized maintenance and repair for 5-7 years, and sometimes more). However, for a split-system such operation with a high probability will lead to a serious breakdown in 2-3 years. This feature is inherent in inexpensive models.

Reason for Servicing Air conditioner

To understand the reason for air condition service   , let’s look at their internal structure in general terms. Any split system consists of two units – an external one, in which there is a compressor, a fan and a radiator (called a condenser) and an internal one, in which there is also a fan and a radiator (called the evaporator). During installation, these blocks are connected by copper pipelines, through which a mixture of Freon and a small amount of compressor oil circulates under high pressure. Fans located in the indoor and outdoor unit provide airflow to the radiators to improve heat exchange and uniform distribution of cold air in the room.

Reasons for the failure of the air conditioner

Pollution of air conditioner filters in the indoor unit of any air conditioner there are plastic filters in the form of a multilayer fine mesh net. They completely cover the radiator (evaporator) and protect it from dust, fluff, animal hair. To clean the filters, rinse them thoroughly in warm water and dry them for a few minutes. Remove and install filters is not harder than replacing the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner – the instructions for use always tell in detail how to do it. Wash the filters as they become dirty, making sure that dust does not accumulate on them.

What happens if the filters are not cleaned for a long time? As they become dirty, the airflow that passes through the evaporator will begin to decrease, and as a result, the air in the room will be worse to cool.

Rules of operation of air conditioners

Let’s sum up. In order to ensure that your air conditioning has worked all the deadlines, an average of 7 to 12 years, depending on the class of air conditioning, you need not so much:

  • Regularly clean the indoor unit filters

If the air conditioner has stopped functioning normally (the water is dripping from the indoor unit, an ice “coat” has grown on the copper pipes, the cooling of the air in the room has deteriorated, there are crackles and other extraneous sounds), it is necessary to turn off the air conditioner and seek help from the customer service;

At least once every two years, call the representatives of the service department for preventive maintenance.

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