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The door repair service will make your door safe

While we construct our home, flat or building we take care of their look, maintenance but through this house or flat is not safe, to make home, flat or building in Philadelphia safe, there is requirement of door repair service. The door repair ensures proper maintenance and safety of the door. With the rapid advancement of the real estate sector and increase in home, flats and building there is also rise in danger of burglary and theft. To cope with such problem there are abundant Philadelphia garage door companies.

Different types of door services


Your door is the face of your house. It represents the security of your house. The door protects you from bad weather. The types of Residential door are as follows:

  • Front door: It is the main entrance or doorway to your house.
  • Garage door: It is the most reliable option available in conical and rectangular shape
  • French door: It is a light constructed door with glass panes.
  • Storm door: this type of door is meant to safeguard from poor weather.


The door with security system falls under this category. These kinds of doors are installed at business places, showrooms, retail outlets and the office space which requires security. The different kinds of commercial doors are as follows

Entrance Door: The door installed in front through from everyone can make movement.

Glass doors: It is a slide door having large window made up of glass. It opens horizontally by sliding.

Security door: They are installed at government offices and corporate offices and in flats which can prevent any body from breaching the door. This door ensures safety. Security doors are installed for not allowing everyone to enter the place where they are not allowed to enter.

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