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The Cost of Commercial Window Cleaners

So you have finally found that perfect building space to open your first business?  The only problem, it seems, (and it is a pretty dingy one) are the beautiful picture windows aren’t quite as beautiful or picturesque as they should be.  So who should you hire and how do you go about finding a reputable window washing company that will do a good job at an affordable rate?  You can go the traditional rate, calling all the commercial window cleaners in the phone book, or asking for the advice of who other business owners in the area use.

 This is a very good article to read about when first thinking about starting your business. Your windows are the first impression your customer’s will see, if they are dingy and dirty this will be what your customers will also see.  What you are looking for is a professional commercial window cleaner.

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The cost of commercial window cleaning can vary company to company and for various reasons; such as, are the windows single-pane or double? How many windows are there? Also, a very good concern the company will have is your business on one or more floors?  Most companies will charge a flat rate per pane, and extra if double-pane; if the windows are to be cleaned inside and out that is something else to be addressed.

If you have a building with several floors, such as a high rise building, you will need to get an estimate on the price first because companies tend to charge a bit extra for high-rise commercial window washing due the danger it poses for their employees and the extra insurance the company has to carry to protect their employees.

Some additional charges you will have to think about include:

  • The cleaning of screens, if any
  • Cleaning storm windows;
  • Cleaning any window frames
  • Cleaning any skylights
  • Any exterior light fixtures
  • Also, cleaning any window wells

When doing a “Google search” on your company computer to find the perfect window washer, there are a few things you need to ask the person who answers the telephone:

  • Does their company specialize in commercial work? Companies that specialize in commercial work have specific requirements than those who do residential only work.
  • Never be afraid to ask a questions; such as how long the company’s been in business, how many employees do they have hired to complete the jobs. If the company is hesitant about answering these questions, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.
  • Ask for references.  Don’t be afraid to ask what former customers have to say about them.
  • Be sure to get verification of whether the company is licensed and insured. Do not be afraid to ask for this proof either.  Because if they are not covering their employees with adequate coverage, this could become your issue if one of their employee’s is hurt on the job–you’re business,
  • You should also check with the Better Business Bureau to verify the company’s “track record” with how the handle business.
  • And, lastly, but one of the most important points– be sure the company stands by their work. If the company isn’t prepared to do the quality of work you are willing to pay for,  then  there is definitely some other company out there that is willing  to do the quality of work you deserve.  Only plan to hire a company that plans to do quality work by your standards.

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