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The Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company that Also Does Construction

Wood destroying organisms are a major problem for home owners in many areas. They can inflict major damage on a home before you even know they are there.

Termites are one of the most common wood destroying organisms, and even though they cause billions of dollars in property damage every year, most homeowners don’t have regular termite inspections. In fact, many people only have a termite inspection right before they purchase a new home, and then never have one again until they go to sell that same home.

If you haven’t had a termite inspection on your home in many years, it’s time to call a termite company and have them do a professional inspection. Even the most vigilant homeowners don’t always see the evidence that termites have made their way into the wooden structures of a home, but a trained termite inspector will know just where to look and what to look for.

If termites are discovered in your home, hopefully you caught them early, before they were able to do too much damage. However, if you are dealing with a major infestation, and the termites have done enough damage to affect the integrity of some of your wooden structures, you will likely have to hire a professional to make the needed repairs.

Fortunately for homeowners, there are pest control companies that can perform both the termite inspection and any needed structural repairs. Going with a company that does both, like Knockout Pest Control in Temecula, California, can save homeowners a good amount of time and hassle.

When the termite inspection and the home repairs are performed by the same company it saves the homeowner from having to find and communicate with two separate companies. One company handles the entire process from start to finish. In addition, the termite inspector can communicate directly with the contractor who will perform the repairs, making sure that all of the needed repairs are completed and nothing gets missed.

Not all termite companies do structural repairs—most will outsource any needed repairs to a separate company or require you to find someone on your own. So, make sure you ask during your initial conversation with a pest control company whether or not they have a carpenter or general contractor in-house for repair work. If they don’t, you might  want to keep looking for one that does.

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