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Solar Geysers for your home

Solar geysers are same as the usual electric geysers and are used to heat water mostly in winters. The electricity consumption by the electric heaters is enormously increasing the electricity bills. By using the solar geysers you can decrease your electricity consumption up to a large extent. You can save hundreds of Rand per month and can invest them in other more productive works.

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Tips to choose perfect solar geyser for you

While choosing a solar geyser for you, you have to take care of few things that help you to buy a perfect geyser for you. The first thing you have to take care about you geyser is of its capacity. Yes, capacity of your geyser should be on top priority while buying a solar geyser. Larger capacity solar geyser can provide you more quantity of warm water, which helps you by using it even when your solar geyser is not working. For house use a 50 liter geyser or a 100 liter geyser is enough. But when you are using the same for in the hostels or the common homes then you need a larger capacity solar geyser which can heat larger amount of water such as 500 liters or more.

Solar geyser prices

The price of solar geyser might be higher than your budget for one time but it is going to reduce you electricity consumption and will benefit you for longer duration. One time investment in the solar geysers can save thousands of Rand for you. You can better use this amount in other purpose which can benefit you a lot. A small solar geyser of capacity 100L cost you about 8000 Rand. Higher capacity solar geysers are also available with slight variation in prices, you can buy 150L solar geyser in 1000 Rand or with slight variations in the same.

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