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Signs Your Window Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Surprisingly, it’s not that easy to tell if your window air conditioner is not working properly. And this is unfortunate — a lot of times, you only notice something is wrong with your air conditioner when it is too late and when the damage is already too intensive to be fixed my simple repair.

Hence, it’s important to know when you need window air conditioner repair. Here are the signs to watch out for:

1. Unusual sounds

Is your air conditioner making strange sounds? That’s usually one of the first signs you would notice that would need your unit needs repairs — immediately! But many disregard these sounds, especially when the unit continues to worth properly despite of them. Yet, make no mistake: failure to do window air conditioner repair after you hear these unusual sounds could lead to the unit’s eventual irreversible breakdown.

Watch out for squealing and grinding sounds. Squealing may mean your unit’s belt has slipped out; grinding may mean a broken motor bearing.

In addition, unusual odors from your unit may also be a sign that it needs repairs. Foul smells emanating from your air conditioner may mean mold growth or burnt our insulation.

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2. Not cool enough

Is the air coming out from your air conditioner’s vents not as cold as before — or not even cool at all? Is the unit’s airflow poor, meaning it emits cold air in some parts of the house but warm in other areas? This isn’t normal; this means your air conditioner needs repair. Signs like these could mean a lot of things: it may mean the unit’s compressor is failing or that its freon levels are no longer sufficient to cool your house or room down.

It could also mean there is debris (or other obstructions, such as dirt build-up) blocking your unit’s vents.

Dirt buildup is dangerous, and not only because it can completely ruin your air conditioning unit. Mold and dirt inside your air conditioner are health hazards as they contaminate the air your breath, which could lead to sickness.

3. Water

A working air conditioning unit does produce moisture. However, when there is moisture in areas that there shouldn’t be, it means your unit is already in need of repairs.

Unusual moisture may mean your unit’s refrigerant is broken, hence the leakage. It could also mean that the drain tubes of your unit are broken and no longer capable of disposing the unit’s condensed air. Both problems, when left unfixed, could lead to mold infestation. At times, it could even lead to water damage.

4. Changes in energy bill

Did your energy bill just have a huge increase compared to the previous month? This may be a sign that you need window air conditioner repair.

This is actually common to a lot of broken appliances; a malfunctioning electrical gadget like a refrigerator or an air conditioner tends to need more power in order to function. It means the air conditioner is no longer working the way it should. Naturally, this could be prevented with regular air conditioner maintenance and repairs.

You can learn more about window airconditioner repair at http://airconditioner.repair and you can also browse through the common AC problems at https://energy.gov/energysaver/common-air-conditioner-problems.
Whether you have a new or old air conditioner, problems may arise. Before calling a window air conditioner repair, we list down some common signs and symptoms you should recognize.

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