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Sharing room for kids

Many families today do not have the ability of living in a home with many rooms so as every child to have his own space. The cohabitation of the 2   siblings in the same child’s room is a common phenomenon. When this happens, there should be some certain rules to make the livingin the same room functional and in pure harmonyfor both of the kids. The decoration of this kind of room plays the most important role.

Personal Space

As small as the room to accommodate the two children is, it is also essential that each kid has some of its own personal spaces. This can be accomplished with natural partitions between their beds, such as some thick curtains that will start from the ceiling and reach the floor like a wall and that are closed during the night or placing the furniture in the room so that the two children do not look at each other when sleeping or reading. You can also use reading offices as separators so that one child is not disturbed by the other especially  duringthe reading time. The different color on each side can also create a separation in the room and every kid is on the side he chooses.

Strict sleeping schedule

An important problem, especially if seniors have a great age difference, is that one kid does not let the other sleep. A child who goes to school can go along with a baby who sleeps early, and their sleeping schedule is the same more or less. A younger child, however, may, in order to play, disturb a baby’s sleep. This can make it difficult for the two children to be in the same room. It is very important that you set the child’s sleep, paying more attention to the older child, possibly having a greater understanding, so as not to impede the sleeping of the younger one. You should also put to sleep the older one first and then the baby. If the two children are peers, follow the same sleep routine for both: Bath, reading a book and sleeping at the same time, every night strictly.

Rules during sleep

Small children, especially the younger ones, are used to get off the bed at night, just  because they saw a nightmare, or because they are afraid of something, or when  they are thirsty  and the first thing to do is calling for their parents. You should not be  in a hurry to go to the room every time your kid calls you , unless it’s a real need. Ask them to be quiet so as not to disturb the sleeping of their brother and make sure they never have to get  off the bed during the night. They are only allowed tp go to the  toilet or for drinking water. This must be a rule that is inviolable for both children. Sleep time is a time of absolute silence. Both siblings must adhere to this rule.

Children get used to the noise

It will take some time , but you will gradually see that even if one of the two children and usually happens with the younger one,  often wakes up at night, the other will get used to the noise. Explain to the older child the needs of the younger one, creating a sense of responsibility towards his brother the same time. There is a chance that the baby will cry at night and the older child may not be able to hear it. You have to make him understand that the baby may needs him.

Growing up together

As good as the two children’s relationships in the same room are, as the years pass, the need for personal time grows, especially when the children are of a different sex. There are many alternative ways of separating   the place, so that each child lives harmoniously in its own environment, even if he has to share his room. The most important thingto do is to have a serious and honest conversation with your kids to know their thoughts and needs.

Some useful tips to share a room:

1) Choose the right beds

The bunk beds, which are an obvious choice, release space in the room and most of them are built-in storage space. If the kids are going to share the room for a lot of years it is a years’ solution. One more economical choice is putting metal beds bunk beds. If you also choose two separate beds, the ideal is not to face each other.

Image result for Skammel til børn

2) Choose the right desk

The most practical solution, if the room is not large enough, which allows you to place two regular desks in a different place, is to create a work bench with a length so that two chairs can comfortably fit in.

The lower part of this bench can be used byinstalling additional shelves-and storage places for their books and toys. At the lower part a Skammel til børn can also be placed. It is always useful in a kids’ room.

3)Choose the right wardrobe and storage areas

Two small wardrobes are the ideal solution if there is enough space in the room. Otherwise, divide a large wardrobeinto two parts and place in the room storage boxes, baskets for placing their toys. Write their name on each box, use fabrics and generic materials colorful to create a pleasant image and a sense of responsibility in arranging their space.

The most important thing when 2 kids share their room is the respect that the one has to show to each other. The need of privacy that doesn’t have to be violated for both of them.And the sense of sharing that is growing as the years  pass by.

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