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Kent Cold Pressed Juicer: The Right Juicer to Make Healthy Juices at Home

Juice is one of the healthiest and tastiest drinks that almost every one of us enjoy. But if extracting the perfect juice is tedious, the whole fun goes away. One of the greatest ways of making healthy juices at home is to use Kent Cold Pressed Juicer.

Kent is one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances and all the products that are manufactured by this company are exactly as promised. They deliver the best service and the appliances work with perfection. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is no different. It is certainly the best juicer in the market. Here’s why Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is the right choice to make healthy juices at home:

Retention of More Fibers and Nutrients:

Conventional juicers generally generate a lot of heat. This heat generation is because they spin at really high speeds for juice extraction. The heat oxidizes most of the fibers and nutrients in the juice. This lowers the health quotient of the juice. Kent Cold Pressed Juicer doesn’t spin at high speed for juice extraction. Due to this, the heat generated is really low as compared to the conventional juicers. This keeps all the fibers and nutrients intact, thus maintaining the health quotient of the juice.

More Juice Production:

Conventional juicers use the method of either pressing the fruits or crushing the fruits for extraction of juice. If a fruit is just pressed and not crushed, a lot of juice is left without getting extracted and the same goes if the fruits are just crushed and not pressed. Kent Cold Pressed Juicier first extracts the juice of the fruits and vegetables by crushing. After the crushing process, it also presses the vegetables and fruits due to which more juice is produced.

Faster Extraction of Juice:

Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is specifically designed for getting juice out and that too quickly. The manufacturer has taken special care in designing almost everything to ensure that it is the best juicer in the market. The juicer has a really powerful motor with maximum power of 250 W. When such power is combined with the unique cup design of Kent Cold Pressed Juicer, you get all-round juicing. This unique cup design helps in smoother outflow of the juice and the powerful motor allows faster extraction.

Different Filters for Various Types of Ingredients

Unlike other juicers, Kent Cold Pressed Juicer comes with two filter screens. These filter screens are used according to the vegetable and fruits. For soft vegetables and fruits like tomato, orange, watermelon etc., Kent Cold Pressed Juicer has a special wide meshed filter screen. For hard vegetables and fruits like apple, cucumber, carrot etc., the juicer has a special filter screen that has a finer mesh.

Easy to Clean and Hygienic:

Kent Cold Pressed Juicer also has a reverse action motor system. This makes it really easy to clear blockages in the juicer. No other juicer has such a system. This reverse motor system allows easy cleaning of the juicer due to which you don’t have to worry about stale fruit elements making their way into your fresh juices.

Kent Cold Pressed Juicer costs just INR 15,000. For that price, you not only get a juicer that extracts juice from vegetables and fruits, but also a way in which you juice stays healthy and fresh. So, go ahead and bring the right juicer to try healthy juice recipes at home.

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