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Is Your Home Safe?

Is our home safe is a question that we should all ask ourselves from time to time if we are keen on protecting our property. The thing is though, how can you tell? What can you do to ensure your home is as safe as possible?

The best way to answer that question is actually to ask some more, so here are five queries to bear in mind whilst you are considering your home security.

  1. Is The Front Door Secure?

According to the police, most burglars simply come in through the front door, which if you think about it, actually makes a lot of sense. The front door is a nice wide access point, and the burglar can close it behind them, masking their forced entry easier than with a broken pane of glass.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself therefore is how secure is your front door and in particular what material is it made from. Solid hardwood is great, a metal (like steel) is even better.

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  1. Where are your Keys?

No, we don’t mean when you are out and about – we mean where do you hang your keys at home?

Many people hang them on hooks or place them on tabletops close to the front door. From a security point of view, this is not a good idea! Many burglars gain access by looking through your letterbox and hooking your keys with a piece of wire – a very simple, but very effective, method of gaining entry.

Car keys should likewise also be stored away from the door area. Modern cars are very difficult to simply break into and steal – so thieves go looking for their keys instead.

  1. Is it Obvious Your Home is Empty?

If they can avoid it, burglars will of course prefer not to break into your home when you are there! At the same time, you do have to leave your home, so how to protect it in your absence?

There are a number of gadgets on the market that will activate your TV and lights on a timer system. This can be a great way to make it look like someone is home even when the house is empty.

Also make sure to clear away all junk mail, free papers, etc that may be delivered – these can be indicators to a burglar that a house is currently empty.

  1. Who is Watching your Home?

Many of us rely on neighbours to keep an eye out. That’s fine, and we should all help each other do this, however, there are often times of the day when streets and flats are largely empty – particularly during daytime. That’s not to mention people who don’t have any neighbours!

A great way around this problem is monitored CCTV as provided by companies like RE:SURE. These systems include a CCTV system that is activated by motion sensors, allowing control room staff to keep an eye on your property 24 hours a day – it’s like the ultimate neighbourhood watch that never sleeps!

  1. Is your Home Well Lit?

Finally, there is nothing more appealing to a burglar than darkness. They use it as their cover whilst they go about their work, and a house that is poorly lit will be a very attractive proposition to them.

Make sure that the outside of your home is well lit at night – either with direct lights or, if they shine in the windows too much, a motion activated garden light.

It’s also a good idea to keep bushes and trees well trimmed back, especially where they are close to the house. These can provide excellent cover to a burglar.

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