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Inexpensive Decorating Ideas for the Home

Redecorating can be absurdly expensive. Making a few strategic changes in your home can give lots of bang without all the bucks. Read on for some fun ideas.

If you are tired of looking at that same old room that has not been significantly altered in several years, now is the time to jot down a few thoughts on ways to update the decor without running up uglier credit card debt.

Fascinating Fabrics to Update a Room

If you happen to have some talent with a sewing machine, why not look at making some simple straight or tab-top curtains in a new, exciting colour and fabric? Even if you’re not handy, and you can afford to indulge, take a look at www.cheapupholsteredbeds.com.

Texture is another element of fabric that can add interest to a room. Try nubby throw pillows or a soft chenille throw on the couch or loveseat. Changing the pillows and adding a new colour to the room can really brighten things up.

If you have a wide doorway from living space to dining room, try adding a set of curtains or drapes on a tension rod that coordinate with the pillows and other drapes in the room. Depending on the style of the furniture, quilts are a lovely addition to almost any room in the house. Rather than storing them in a closet, bring them out for the back of a chair or top of a hope chest.

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If you really want a bigger change, it may be time to look at custom slip covers as an inexpensive alternative to new couches or chairs. Try to keep the fabric colour somewhat neutral so you can change things up by adding or deleting accent colours. This can even be done on a seasonal basis, having one theme for the winter and another for warm weather months.

Walls Make the Home Welcoming

Wall colour is one of the easiest fixes for redecorating a home. Try warm butter yellows and rich coffee-au-lait colours for a relaxing touch. Avoid very bright or very dark colours and loud wallpaper, which can tire the eyes and the brain. Thing soothing flowing lines that blend colour families from one room to the next, without stark changes.

Tired of the same old stuff hanging on the walls? Before buying new artwork, try changing what you have around. Flip some of the pictures and wall hangings from living room to family room for a fun change of pace.

If you really need new artwork, try antique stores, craft fairs and discount home stores first. Buy only what you love and only those works that you have the right place to put in your home. You also might consider stencilling walls with interesting designs. Kits are available in home improvement stores.

Other Tips for Decorating on a Dime

Rearrange the furniture in each room for visual interest. Try something different, where everything is not pressed up against the walls.

  • Take out old curtains and drapes, clean and reuse them, but only if they are in good condition.
  • Make your own throw pillow covers if you can handle the sewing.
  • Give wood surfaces a thorough cleaning and polishing.
  • Area rugs can be very inexpensive and change the look of the room dramatically.
  • Repair problems with walls and ceilings before painting. Work painting from the top down.
  • Box up tired knick-knacks in preparation for your next yard sale.

 A great way to raise money for minor redecorating is to have a neighbourhood yard sale and get rid of the old stuff you have dusted once too often.

Redecorating a room or group of rooms can be as simple as rearranging things that you already own. Doing your own sewing for new curtains and pillows is the least expensive way to update your look. Repainting and changing around your existing wall decor can make a big splash in the look of your home. Use what you have, and when you need to buy, shop discount home stores for the best prices.

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