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Industrial unit to let in Yorkshire

Letting an industrial unit in Yorkshire could be a very sensible move for your business. The county of Yorkshire is situated in the prime industrial northern area of the UK and has excellent transport links to the rest of the UK, Europe and the UK. Due to the volume of industrial units on offer in Yorkshire there are also some very competitive prices when it comes to leasing options. Industrial Units to let in Yorkshire could be exactly what your business needs.

Potential advantages of finding an industrial unit to let in Yorkshire

There are many advantages, which include:

– Transport links via road, including the M1 motorway that runs to London

– Excellent links to the Port of Hull allowing your business to access Europe and beyond

– Many industrial units on offer

– Competitive pricing being situated outside the South East of England

– Many other industrial businesses situated in the area which helps keep letting prices competitive

– A great place for your staff to live with their families.

Great cities

Yorkshire is surrounded by some excellent cities which you and your business will be able to take advantage of. The wonderful City of York is a fast growing business hub that is also a great place to live. Yorkshire is also easily accessible to Manchester, Birmingham, and indeed London. To the North you have the wonderful cities of Newcastle, and a little further afield Edinburgh.

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