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Improve your home with 3D software

If you are seeking to improve your next house design project, why not consider a 3D home design program. It can help you visualise what your house will look like before it has been renovated or built. You can use a home design software package to create house extensions within a short space of time, because most of them like Arcon Evo are very easy to use. You can download the software and get started straight away if you choose to.

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It can be used for a huge variety of projects. You can work with it to design a new renovation, loft or garage conversion and even a self-build from scratch. Begin by setting out your plot to scale. Draw your floor plan using the drag and drop environment, then add your windows and doors. Draw your walls to the exact measurement and lay out your plot to scale.

Decorate the interior, most software programs come with a catalogue of thousands of objects, textures and materials to choose from so you can design your project to your exact requirements. If these aren’t enough for you, then visit the 3D warehouse website to download any 3D objects you like and import them straight into the software. Walk through your house like you are actually there. Realise what the space is like and adjusts your plans accordingly. Once you are happy with it, you can share it with your friends and family. Zoom in and spin your project around and understand what it will look like from all angles.

There are advanced editing tools which can be used to edit every aspect of your house. For example when creating the roof you can adjust the pitch, overhang and many more features. If you are shopping online for different tiles for your roof, you can actually take a screen shot of the tile on your computer and import it into the catalogue in the program. Now you can apply this to the roof and see what it will look like which again helps you to buy the correct materials and create the aesthetic you desire.

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Once your house is complete, take a photograph of your actual neighbourhood and insert it into the background of your project to see how it fits. Take snap shots of your design, save them as high quality photos which are realistic.

You don’t require any previous CAD experience since Arcon Evo is very intuitive. If you are seeking to get obtain planning permission then this software is the right choice. You can draw all 2D plans suitable for planning approval. This is great because you can do this yourself without having to use an architect, therefore saving you money. On the other hand if you do get an architect involved you can easily convey design ideas which will speed up the process.

Experiment various design ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. The possibilities are endless. Install the software on two separate laptops and see what you and your partner can come up with.

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