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How to Select the Perfect Shed for the Backyard

With the myriad selections of sheds and garages on the market, it can be hard to pick the right one. Maybe you are looking for a certain model you heard about or saw somewhere, but there are key things you must consider when getting a sturdy and high-quality shed.

So, what type of shed do you want? Is there a particular shed material you consider the best? Which ones are most expensive and least expensive? These are some of the queries you should ask yourself. This guide will assist you to get the best shed that suits your requirements.

What kind of shed do you want?

Different sheds are used for different purposes. Do you want to store your garden tools, lawn mower, bikes, pool accessories, or sports equipment? Listed below are different types of sheds to choose from:

  • Pool house shed
  • Garden shed
  • Storage shed
  • Garage shed
  • Workshop studio shed

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Types of shed materials

Metal sheds – Metal sheds are a very common storage shed solution. They are easy to assemble and lightweight. Currently, metal sheds unlimited garages need less maintenance since they are rust resistant. You also don’t need to paint them. They are typically less expensive.

Plastic sheds – Plastic sheds tend to be more affordable. They are made using high-quality plastic, making it easy for them to resist moisture, rotting, and humidity. The only disadvantage about these sheds is that their selection style is limited and most of them aren’t visually appealing.

Vinyl sheds – Vinyl sheds are more durable since they do not chip, dent or rust. They are ideal for permanent long-term storage and a suitable solution for garden or backyard.

Wooden sheds – Sheds made using wood are not only traditional, but they can be customized in multiple shapes and sizes. These sheds need more maintenance compared to other sheds, but they add charm to your backyard. From ranch, lean-to, barn as well as many loft styles, the choices you get are endless. You can also paint them to match your house.

Resin sheds – These sheds are the newest on the market and are becoming a popular choice. Other than being nearly maintenance-free, you won’t have to worry about the shed fading, cracking, rusting or rotting. You won’t need to repaint it.

Finding the best shed

This list of sheds is customizable and comes in many sizes and shades:

  • A-Frame shed – it’s a great storage shed that comes with a lot of height. It can hold equipment and gear such as bikes.
  • A mini barn – this shed is good selection for keeping yard tools, bikes, lawn mowers, motorcycles among others.
  • A Quaker shed – this shed comes with an offset roof. The back side is low, and the front is higher. Typically, it has a one-foot window and overhang, making it great for storage.
  • A Victorian shed – it’s an attractive dormer that adds appeal and style to your backyard. These structures are ideal for storage and can house a workshop or office.

Once you have chosen the right shed, you’ll now need to decide if you would like to install it or hire an expert to do the task.

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