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How To Repair A Heater In Severna Park

Heat pumps seem like a mystery to most homeowners, as they aren’t quite sure how they function. Heat pumps actually work to both cool and heat your home. They function much in the same manner as a refrigerator. In the summer, a heat pump removes the warm air from the house and vents it outside. A liquid refrigerant travels through the evaporator coils and it expands while changing to a gas. This is how it absorbs heat from the air around the coils. A blower pushes the air around the cool coil and pushes it through the ducts and into the house to cool you. In the winter, the process is reversed. It extracts heat from the cold outside air and pushes it into your home through the air ducts to warm your home.

When asking yourself how to repair a heater in Sevena Park, the best solution is to leave it to the professionals, as it is a very complex system. However, you can perform some basic maintenance steps yourself to keep your system running efficiently and in working order.

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Outside Maintenance for a Heat Pump

The outdoor unit of your heat pump is in a metal case and it contains a coil, compressor and fan among other items. For a properly functioning unit, the area needs to be free of debris and it should be level on the concrete pad that it rests on.

You can easily clear away any debris such as pine needles, leaves and dirt out of the fan in the outdoor unit. You simply remove the screws around the front of the housing after making sure that the unit is turned off. You can just brush debris away with a small hand-held broom or use a vacuum cleaner hose to get in between the fan blades, along the interior sides and bottom of the unit.

You can set a level on top of the metal cabinet to ensure that it is level. Check the level both from the front to the back and from side to side. You can push the unit upward with a pry bar and insert some thin wood shims to level the unit properly.

How the Emergency Heat Setting Works

Whenever you have a power outage for more than an hour due to a blown fuse, a faulty circuit breaker or a power failure, you should not operate your heat pump for at least six to eight hours. This is especially true and pertinent if the temperature outside is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower.

The lubrication in your pump’s oil reservoir may be too cool to properly circulate and can cause major and expensive damage to the valves in your heat pump. Set the control inside on the thermostat to “emergency heat.” This setting will turn the power to the pump off and it keeps it from running and causing damages. After six to eight hours in the emergency heat mode, turn the unit back on at the thermostat. If you have little or no heat coming into the house within a few minutes, you need to call a professional to diagnose and repair it.

It is the best idea to be proactive, rather than reactive in heat pump maintenance. The best idea is to have an annual maintenance service call. This way you can head off any problems ahead of time and solve them before they escalate into larger repair bills later.



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