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How to Cut Down a Tree?

The world needs more trees to promote a healthy environment and prevent the wildlife. However, sometimes it gets necessary to cut down a tree. There may be many conditions in which you may like to cut down a tree. Whether you want the fuel for the winter season or want to create a new structure at a place where the tree is standing, cutting the tree is the only option. It can be less stressful and an easy job is you have a right set of tools. Things can go wrong anytime when you are cutting down a tree for the first time. Follow this guide and you will never get injured.

Get the right safety gears:

When you are going to cut a tree, safety gears can save you from potential injuries. The tree can fall either way and the flying wooden partials can anytime cause an eye injury. There are many ways you may hurt yourself while cutting a tree. So, it would be great if you keep yourself ready with the right safety gears. First of all you need a helmet to protect yourself against the falling branches of the tree over your head. Get the earmuffs and goggles to protect your ears and eyes while cutting the tree. You will also need a pair of gloves, Kevlar chaps, and quality boots to prevent your hands and feet against scratches and injury. Use these safety gears even when you are using a top rated log splitter.

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Clear the cutting zone:

You should make sure that there is nothing useful resting around the tree. Remove the vehicles and other important things if you are cutting a tree near your home. Ensure there is nobody around the cutting site when cutting the tree in the woods.

Plan and cut the notch:

You must plan a notch while cutting a tree. It is important because it provides you a safe way to pull down the tree. The notch should be in the direction where you want to pull down the tree after cutting the trunk. First take accurate measurements and then cut the notch in the planned way. Make sure you will not cut the notch too deeper otherwise the tree will fall down immediately.

Create the felling cut:

When everything is ready, now is the time to make the felling cut. Do not proceed ahead without using the felling wedges. These wedges can be easily available at any power tool store. Make a little cut and then fix the wedges in the trunk to make sure the tree will not fall towards the wrong direction. Now make the final cut and let the tree fall down towards the intended direction.

It is how you can safely cut the tree. Do not rely on the axe when cutting a large tree. Use the power tools to fell it down and then use the long splitter to create small chunks of a thick log. All the professionals apply the same tactic while cutting a tree because it works the best.

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