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How R22 replacement can be helpful to people and the environment

The use of R22 refrigerant was banned in 2014 because R22 is a HCFC which are ozone depleting substances. However, it is still legal to operate your system but if it requires maintenance or repairs then you will not be able to resolve the issue without replacing the gas or the system.

R22 Replacement Options Available:

Replacing R22 is a revolutionary way of helping people from inhaling toxic gases as well as promoting commercial companies from reducing carbon footprint, this supports the green environment. As the only way of sorting your R22 refrigerant is a R22 replacement, here are the options:

  • Total System Replacement
  • Replace Outdoor and Indoor Units
  • Use a “Drop-in” Refrigerant

Total system Replacement

This means replacing all parts of your air-conditioning system, including outdoor and indoor units, electrical wiring and pipework. By doing a total system replacement you will have the most up to date equipment and the lowest running costs. It can be impossible to re-use existing components in some cases, therefore a full system replacement is the only available solution.

If you do have the resources to upgrade your whole system, then it is certainly worth doing as you will get the most energy efficient air conditioning system with the lowest lifetime costs.

Replace only the Outdoor and Indoor Units

Reusing the existing infrastructure means it includes the wiring, pipework and power supply. This slashes around 55% installation costs and reduces the impact on companies or home. This approach decreases the installation times and closely matches the total system replacement benefits in energy efficiency, performance and running costs.

In fact, most manufacturers provide partial R22 replacement solutions. In this, they integrate the air conditioning units with the existing infrastructure, assuring your piping is suitable, clean free from R22 refrigerant.  Replacing the outdoor unit alone is also possible and in such cases the installation costs and time is reduced.

Using a ‘Drop-In’ Refrigerant

The Drop-in refrigerants replicate the R22 function in old systems without negative environmental impact. In reality, using a substitute refrigerant without complexre-commissioning and re-engineering is impossible.  Considering this approach may reduce the performance and reliability of your system that you will be left with unplanned downtime or risk of failure.

Drop-in refrigerants can be a short term measure, though not advised. They are not any cost-effective solution to replace R22 refrigerant. In fact they are the riskiest.

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