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Home Staging Tips and Secrets

The results are: staging up a home successfully can generate a great return on investment when selling a home. According to the National Real Estate Association, for every $100 invested in the home staging, the return is about $400 (USD). As for the staging without paying money, the results are equally good; staged houses sell 20% more than homes not staged. It does not consider non-monetary benefits, such as shorter time on the market and increased chances of receiving multiple offers.

So, if you want to sell your home, it’s time to think about proper staging. A successful home staging, unlike decoration or interior design, is not only a style but also about marketing. You want potential customers to go around the house and see themselves in there. Although using a good home staging service such as Rental home staging isn’t a bad idea, but in addition to these, the following tips are best for staging your home without buying anything.

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  • Work with what you have

It’s is less stressful to spend thousands of dollars on rentals for furniture, professional staging or accessories when selling your home. And these investments are valid, but the first step towards a successful home staging is working with what you have. This helps you to make use of a room to room approach and it also provides you as much time as possible. Share the work into room-sized pieces and reward yourself properly at a milestone. But have it in mind that you are helping yourself in the long term!

  • De-stuff and De-clutter.

This is the most mention home staging tip, but it is strongly advised to clean the whole house from top to bottom and moving some of your things to storage. Supplies, shoes, small appliances, books, anything you hardly make use of should go. Having fewer items in your cupboards and closet make your storage look bigger and makes your entire home more welcoming.

  • Estimate your home property.

What are the best features in your home? What are the not so nice traits? As you de-clutter and alongside clean your house, make a list of the features you would like to see and consider things that might need to be hidden. Estimating as you clean can save you time in the long run.

  • Eliminate everything that is personal

Religious items, divisional decorations, weddings items and other personal items must be removed and stored. Even if it’s art for you, these elements make purchasers remember that it’s someone’s house, which makes it difficult for them to see themselves in it.

  • Make repairs

Work on your repair list and repair missing hardware or handles, improperly installed cabinet doors, removable ramps. When buyers see something broken, they are wondering what others things have not being taken care of in your home. Make these simple fixes.


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