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Home security and work lighting

The safety lighting is artificial lighting that ensures the recognition and safe use of the discharge means and that allows people to evacuate to a safe place and win the building exits in case of failure of normal artificial lighting. Specific requirements concerning Security Lighting are laid down in the legislation laying down the basic fire and explosion prevention standards.

Emergency lighting is artificial lighting which allows certain activity to be continued in certain areas of the building in the event of failure of the normal artificial lighting, in order to prevent any dangerous situation to which the workers might be confronted. Hazardous situations include, for example, machinery and production processes in operation and that it is necessary to stop or put in safety position before evacuating the workplace, or even operations in hospitals.

Lutec Incandescent and halogen bulbs provide the perfect light for accent and display lighting as well as general lighting in a variety of applications.

Technical prescriptions

Reflection on the implementation of emergency lighting and emergency lighting must be carried out in a comprehensive manner. Some luminaires may be used in common for both emergency lighting and emergency lighting, provided that the objectives of each are met. Lutec offers safety lighting and emergency lighting which provide illumination of at least 5 lux.

The emergency lighting and the security lighting must come on automatically when normal artificial lighting is absent or, if necessary, can be added permanently to the normal artificial lighting.To do this, an alternative power supply must be provided. This alternative power supply will consist of one or more autonomous sources, such as:

  • an electric storage battery;
  • a connection to the low-voltage public network, when the general lighting is powered by the current of a static transformer connected to the high-voltage network and installed in the establishment or in the vicinity thereof;
  • a generator.

Security lighting and emergency lighting must be regularly checked. This verification can be performed, for example, by the following tests which are obtainable with Lutec:

  • testing of autonomous blocks;
  • generator test;
  • battery test.

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