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Historical Oklahoma City Home Renovated

A small historical home in the center of downtown Oklahoma City will get renovated and turned into a landmark in 2018. The small historical home represents a time in Oklahoma when settlers migrated and found shelter in the area that soon became a place of dwelling. The home is not far from the Myriad Botanical Gardens and will receive an overhaul of the structure, interior, and exterior for safety. The construction process will be overseen by a group of Oklahoma City roofing contractors that also specialize in remodels and renovation projects. The project was put out for bid in 2016 and the city has recently approved the project.

The home will become a small museum that will feature tools and items that were used in the early 1900’s when families were farming and building Oklahoma City into the thriving community it is today. The brick home will receive a complete interior overhaul that will include electrical and plumbing as well. All new interior appliances will be donated by a local appliance store. New wood flooring and furniture to decorate will create a feeling of comfort for visitors. Antique tables and iron works will also be used to give it a vintage feel.

The exterior overhaul will include a new slate roof and gutter system. The chimney stack will be removed and a central heating system will be installed. The roof will be completely torn off, the framework will be rebuilt and new slate roofing tiles will be installed.

The project is expected to be completed before the summer of 2018. A grand opening celebration will be held to admire the construction and the new museum. The home has been a site for sore eyes for decades, and will now be turned into a local tourist attraction. Discussions have also included plans to turn the home into an event facility for small weddings and corporate retreats. Those talks also included a bed and breakfast style guest home built off of the back of the property for out of state visitors.

The historical areas of Oklahoma have been leveled and rebuilt upon in the past. City council members have banded together to try and preserve these historical homesteads for future generations. Oklahoma City has grown over the years and continues to be a budding economical anchor for the state and surrounding states. Rebuilding historical properties and preserving them through renovation and structural support shows the commitment this community has to make Oklahoma City a destination for tourists and families looking for a quality place to call home.

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