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Heat Pumps, a reliable source of hot water

Today, most people use solar water heaters for saving money on their water heating needs, but there is one more device which can provide us with the same with better efficiency and more quickly i.e. Heat Pump.  A Heat pump is a device which converts the heat from the surroundings and sends it to the destination which is used to heat water.

The heat pumps use a heat transferring medium to transfer heat from source to destination which is called refrigerant. The refrigerant is a gas which can generate heat on compression and absorb heat from the surrounding on decompression. A compressor is used to perform this process of compression and decompression. The refrigerant is then sent to the geyser to heat water.

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This technology has been around for over a decade especially in countries like Canada and Columbia. With further advancements during recent years, heat pumps have become more energy efficient. They are more favorable than solar geysers for people with low budgets and who want to cut their electric bills. They also do not require a large area for installation like solar panels does.

Importance of using the Heat Pumps

  • Cost Effective-They consumes less electricity than conventional water heaters, so they save a lot of money on electric bill.
  • Fast Heating-They heat water quickly than other water heaters.
  • Huge Capacity-Heat pumps have huge storage capacity and can heat a large amount of water in one go.
  • Low Installation cost-Cost for installing a heat pump is much less compared to solar geysers as it does not have expensive components like solar panels and are easy to install.
  • Eco-friendly-They use less electricity so it helps in reducing carbon emissions and put less strain on the environment.
  • Less Space requirement-Heat pumps require less space for installation, unlike solar geysers.

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