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Harnessing the power of sun

Sun is the source of all energy and the source of all the living beings on the earth. Scientists have further tried to harness the power of the sun to be used for electricity. In the countries where there is ample of   sunlight and the summers are extended to almost 8 months of the year, the solar energy could be the biggest blessing for them. The more energy they convert from fossil fuel to solar energy the lesser will be there dependence on the oil exporting countries, or on the countries which are rich in uranium which is used to produce nuclear energy.

 Solar panels are used to absorb the heat from the sun which is converted into electrical energy through the battery which is used to store energy and inverter  convert it into electrical energy. The solar panel prices are decreasing as the governments of various countries are encouraging the use of solar energy to produce electricity. They are giving subsidy on the purchase of solar panels.

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Benefits of using solar energy

  • Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy which all of us are using on the mother earth. It has least effect on the atmosphere. It does not produce the green house gases and does not pollute the water or any other natural resource of the earth.
  • You start saving on the electricity bill as you use your own energy and if your solar power plant is big enough to fulfill your demand of power and still have the energy in surplus then you can sell your electricity produce to the grid and earn green money. You can call this money as green money because you have earned this money without harming the atmosphere. Thus, your income from the solar power plant will help you in meeting out the installation cost of the solar plant.

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