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Flooring That Works Best In Flooded Basements

Flooring is one of the factors in flooded basements because some homes are susceptible to basement flooding who are lying in the low areas. If you have founded of flooding as a major issue, then there are preventative measures that you can take to seal off the basements. Yes, it is true that not all the methods are foolproof and you may still end up with a flooded basement.

Hiring professional for pump out the basement water can become quite costly, especially f you find it happening on a regular basis. So, choosing the right and appropriate flooring is difficult enough without the problems that come in front with finding flooring basement complicating things even further. The biggest issue of every basement is the unwanted moisture.

Here we will discuss which flooring is to opt for basements so that you cannot be a sufferer of moisture and the flooded basement.

Major issues faced with traditional options:

  • Tiles flooring: Moisture is seeping in from below through the lower concrete and which in result causes to weaken down the power of bonds of the adhesive used for tile for binding with each other.
  • Laminate and hardwood flooring: Possibility of damaging this kind of flooring is at the peak. These kinds of flooring somehow wrap and buckle due to moisture.
  • Carpet flooring: It acquires elusive smell caused as the molds start generating grow below the small soft veneer, which causes health issues.
  • Painting: These paints come off out because of the presence of moisture.
  • Easiest alternative to having more traditional flooring is stained normal concrete flooring which works the best for flooded basements. To give it a trendy look you have many options and have flexibility with the color theme and design options.


Benefits of these concrete floors in basements:

  • Color and design option: Stained concrete flooring has a unique beauty and which brought life by different finishing and coloring techniques. Well, there are no predetermined color palettes to limit design. The choice is you’re for which color and design you want to go for.
  • Longevity: Many of the covering products have the longevity of concrete. Well, other types of flooring require replacement in a period, which not only uses up the resources but also creates the problem of disposal.
  • Whereas stained concrete flooring is a great alternative for people, who are allergic to animal and dust mites. Concrete does not support the growth of toxic mold which is much beneficial for human health.

 Well, after going through this article you will be quite clear that if you are suffering from a flooded basement then which floor is suited to your basement at its best.  The main reason why to get the water out and away from the basement as fast as possible is to avoid molds growth.

If you find the origin of mold in damp basements than it is very much important to kill it right away while you are ready to dry the place out. One of the simple and household methods to get rid of these molds is to make a right solution of bleach and water and apply to the affected area to treat molds.

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