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Finding the Right Garden Shed in The Midwest

Although there are quite a few styles to choose from, most garden shed requests that are not for large sheds favor function over form. Most purchases that are larger probably favor the form or style a little over sheer function. Of course, longevity is a third type of consideration that comes into play whether a shed is small or large. Here are some of the more popular types of sheds currently available in the Midwest:

Wooden sheds:

When you go out to look at wooden sheds, there are a couple of considerations to make. How severe is the Winter weather in your part of the Midwest? The reason you should check is that some manufacturers do not add long-life felt and shingles to the roof package that they provide on wooden sheds. When they don’t, you can either end up replacing the roof or watching your belongings get wet in several years.

Another consideration with wooden sheds is how solid is the construction. When you find a shed that is constructed with 2 x 4 studs, you can normally use the walls to create a hanging system or shelves that provide you with more storage space. Northland Sheds is a good example of a shed company that has premium wood sheds that are created using 2 x 4 studs so that your shed will have a longer life expectancy.

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Metal sheds:

Metal sheds are a pretty economical option for people that would like to store either business or personal items. Again, however, the weather is something to consider. If you are in an area that features high wind, you might have trouble when it comes to keeping all the pieces together. Most metal sheds should be created in an area that is sheltered and they should be anchored to something solid like concrete- as a base.

One downside to most metal sheds is that the walls are not that easy to use for storage or decoration. On the other hand, the walls, when seated correctly and sealed can repel insects and rodents better than sheds that are created using other materials.

Vinyl sheds:

Vinyl or plastic sheds can be found at many different retailers. They are typically fairly inexpensive and have the positive feature that they can be easily kept very clean because all materials are washable. On the other hand, they do have difficulty with extreme sunlight- one of the reasons that vinyl fences have a poor track record of surviving beyond 10 years or so. Then again, if you are concerned about the overall longevity of a vinyl shed, there are plenty of reviews that say they will last forever.

Of course, if you are looking for a safe material that doesn’t conduct electricity and can safely store perishables, vinyl sheds that contain integrated flooring can be a very safe place because they are also going to repel small pests that try and get in.

If you are in the market for sheds in the Midwest and are looking at options, remember that weather, size, and purpose are three areas to consider. They should help you narrow your material options down to what your actual requirements should be.

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