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DIY: Installing New Exterior Doors: Wise Decision or Mistake?

When it comes time for home improvements, most homeowners think the wiser course is to do as much of the work as they can themselves to save time and money. However, when it comes to things such as replacement windows and exterior doors, this can actually cause a lot of problems, which can mean increased costs down the line.

If the exterior doors are not properly installed, it can cause damage to the structure of your home. In addition, this can lead to loss of insulation and raise your energy costs. More importantly, hardware and locks that have not been properly installed, can make your home more susceptible to break-ins. Read on for more reasons why it is not wise to take on this project on your own.

Why it is Beneficial to Hire a Professional to Install Your Exterior Doors

  1. Lower Your Energy Costs

If your exterior doors are not properly installed, it can lead to issues such as loss of insulation and air drafts. Both of these could adversely affect your heating and cooling bills. A certified door installer will know how to prevent these issues by installing the door as tightly and securely into the frame as possible, thus making your entry doors as energy efficient as possible.

  1. Prevent Break-Ins

If your locking mechanisms and other hardware are not properly installed on your entry or exit doors, it may make them more prone to home invasions. As well, a trained professional installer will know how to properly install additional features such as multi point locks and security lighting. With a qualified installer, you can rest assured that your home and loved ones are safe and sound.

  1. Professional Installers Possess the Necessary Training and Proper Tools Required to Complete the Job

Professional installers always have the proper tools required for the job. Imagine that you are halfway through the process of fitting the door on your own and you realize that you are missing some tools or parts needed to complete the job. This could further delay the task. Certified installers possess all the required tools and pools needed to complete the job.

As well, professionals have both training and on-the-job experience. Having your exterior doors installed by someone who has the proper know-how can save you a lot of unnecessary repair costs in the future. A door that has not been properly installed can damage both the framework and overall structure of your entryway.

In addition, professional installation can prevent personal injury Many a homeowner has ended up in the hospital due to injuries that incurred during attempts at DIY home repairs.

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