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Create Some Amazing Childhood Memories With Rubbish Clearance

With the kids about to be on summer holiday, this time of year can be the perfect opportunity for some good old fashioned bonding time! Solicit their help with rubbish clearance projects and the story telling will come natural and these warm childhood memories will be indelibly etched in their memories. You can clean out the attic, the basement, the garage, or the cupboards and reminisce nostalgically about all the “treasures” you find.

Play the “what Is That?” Game

Rubbish clearance projects give you the unique opportunity to uncover lost objects you forgot you had or forgot you ever even wanted. Remember that “Thigh Master” you bought off a late night infomercial? Make them figure out what to do with it!

What is that funny looking contraption over there grandma? Remember when ladies used to sit under a hair dryer with their hair in rollers while reading the Ladies Home Journal? They’ll get a good laugh out of that one… they may even beg to try it out!

What is that strange looking metal pot with the holes on top and the really long handle? Give them a hint… it belonged to your GREAT grandmother!

What’s in that gift box? A set of tiny spoons with slots… what are THOSE used for grandpa? Keep the kids guessing as they rummage through your old rubbish clearance.

Try This Experiment

Kids are much more sentimental than many grownups give them credit for, boys included. They will often cherish a old worn out thing that belonged to their mom, dad, or grandparent, over a brand new modern thing. In fact, the latter is more likely to land in the rubbish clearance bin than the former! Think about it… wouldn’t you rather have an old worn out baseball glove your dad used when he was a kid than a brand new one? Which would you be more likely to bin?

Don’t believe us? Try the following experiment with the kids.

While conducting your rubbish clearance project, set aside some old toys, or any items that could be turned into “toys.” Examples of old toys might include an old wooden rocking horse, an old doll, an old stuff animal, an old children’s book, an old train set, or an old set of blocks. Some examples of old rubbish clearance that might be turned into “toys” might include some old tools, an old clock they could take apart and put back together, or some vintage clothing to play “dress up.” Tell the kids the story behind these items, who in the family they belonged to, why they were special, and why they were kept — even if it was just because you or someone else didn’t have the heart to put them in the waste removal bin.

Next, give the kids one of these old objects as a gift along with a brand new similar object and see which one they prefer. Don’t pressure them to choose, just watch and see. Test this the same day the objects are given and then again in a week, a month, and six months laterd. For example, give them an old stuffed animal that belonged to their grandfather and a brand new stuffed animal. You may be surprised how much sentimental value wins out over something new! Even if you give them a modern train set that has many more “bells and whistles,” they may prefer the old one you used to play with in your garage on rainy days when you were a boy or girl.

There’s love in those old objects and it can be passed down to the younger generations! You can always donate the new object to charity.

Upcycle Your Rubbish Clearance With a Crafts Project

Kids can be quite creative if you give them the chance. Some of your rubbish clearance can be turned into a crafts project that will give them a keepsake and a day full of amazing memories spent with an older family member. Do you have an old box of various ballpoint pens? First, the kids may get a kick out of reading what’s written on each one, such as a hotel you stayed at or a business you used to patronize twenty years ago. Second, instead of binning them, why not make a cool lampshade out of them for their bedside lamp?

Do you have some weirder objects in your rubbish clearance like wine barrel hoops or left over chicken wire? When the kids ask, “What’s this for?” you can answer them by asking, “What would you like it to be for?” How about chicken wire hanging baskets for the kitchen, a really cool 3D pterodactyl sculpture, or even a funky headboard. Do you have a box of “found objects” from the beach? Explain to the kids about marine pollution and how far it can travel and then see if they can think of something to make with this marine rubbish clearance.

Call Clearabee For a Booking or a Beebag

At the end of your rubbish clearance project(s), you’ll no doubt have a pile of stuff you’d like to get out of your place to clear up some space. Don’t simply bin it as it will end up in a landfill for sure if you do this. Instead, call Clearabee, a rubbish clearance company, and set up a convenient booking. They upcycle, reuse, or recycle about ninety percent of all the rubbish they collect! This way, the treasures you and the kids unearthed will serve a better purpose.

You can also call Clearabee for a Beebag before you start your rubbish clearance project(s). This will arrive in the post as a flat package that you can literally just unfold to create an easily moveable skip. While the Beebag is lightweight, as you fill it with “junk,” or “treasures, whichever you prefer, it may get heavy. Don’t worry. When you call Clearabee to pick it up, you do NOT have to move the Beebag to the street. Clearabee haulers will be willing to come into your home and remove it from the very spot you filled it!

Have fun with the kids this summer holiday!

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