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Composite Decking Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Composite decking such as the new and innovative DesignBoard requires next to no maintenance in order to stay in the greatest condition – Only requiring the occasional clean to stay looking mint. But how do you clean this new flooring? Cleaning composite decking flooring is incredibly easy and anyone looking to discover how it’s done should continue to read this article.

Composite Decking Cleaning Tips

The following points will provide information on how to clean a range of things off composite decking:

Water stains – If you are an owner of composite decking/flooring you may have noticed that surface water can pool and then evaporate on top of the boards, leaving a film and spots visible. Do not worry! This ‘spotting’ is completely normal and is not something that you should worry about. To get rid of these little marks you can simply use clean water and a brush. Once you have covered the marked board with the water you should scrub and sweep with your brush and they allow your composite boards to air dry. If you for any reason find that any marks are still remaining you may want to consider visiting your composite decking suppliers and buying some specialist detergent/cleaning solution.

Soda, wine & coffee – If you have spilt soda, wine, coffee or anything similar on your composite flooring you can try and attempt to clean it using the same technique used to clean water however it is unlikely that this will work – Instead you may want to consider mixing some bleach or stronger detergent with your water before beginnings. Make sure that you don’t leave bleach sitting on your decking and that any bleach that you use is rinsed off and cleaned thoroughly with water.

Grease stains – Grease stains can come from numerous things, including but not limited to sun cream and oil. If you notice that you have a grease stain on your composite decking you should clean it off at your earliest convenience – where possible, try not to leave grease to rest.  Follow the same steps as you would to clean soda, wine and coffee however follow this cleaning method up by using a degreasing cleaner to ensure that absolutely none of the stain is left.

Heat & surface damage – Heat and surface damage is unlikely to occur however if it does you need not worry – It can be dealt with and composite deck boards can be made to look brand new again. Heat and surface damage can be cleaned up using nothing but sandpaper, you simply must sand away the damage that have occurred. Don’t worry if sanding your deck makes the boards differ slightly in appearance it won’t take long for them to naturally come back in line.

Periodic cleaning –  Other than cleaning away stains when you notice them every quarter of a year you should give your composite decking a really great clean. You should clean your decking using a jet wash, spraying in the same direction as your decking’s grooves. You should then scrub your decking boards with a water/bleach solution, leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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