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Cleaning tips for condo renters

Condo living has become the lifestyle in the today’s Singapore unlike before. Real estate shoppers now find themselves swamped with mouth-watering condo offers. Every middle-aged person’s goal, whether married or single, is to acquire some space in a condo and this is what is trending in the country. Whatever the reasons, only time will tell.

With the bigger part of the population adopting this kind of a lifestyle, cleaning becomes handy to keep these homes clean and healthy. Here, we take you through some of the essential tips that will help you deal with the household filth.

Think safety first

You are dealing with chemicals and other harmful substances when cleaning. Therefore, you need to prepare safer and healthier alternatives that would ensure every household fixture is well attended and cleaned thoroughly. Ensure you have the requisite protective gear that would protect you from harm in case of chemical spills or any other accident.

Ventilate the room

You don’t have to wait until the dust within suffocates you so that you open the windows. You should ensure that the room is well ventilated before you begin, this will allow dust to disappear as fresh air flows in.  Allowing fresh air to flow freely would ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy your work.

Organize your cleaning materials

You want to take less time and work efficiently, and then ensure that the cleaning materials; the soap, the dusters, and all materials are kept in one place away from passages. Doing this would help you save time and use less energy.

Draw a cleaning plan

As the adage, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is very true especially when it comes to condo cleaning. An effective cleaning plan allows you to manage and cope with every requirement. Make a decision on which task should be done when? There are tasks done on monthly basis, weekly and daily and therefore planning will help you void indulging in tasks that can be spared for the appropriate time.

Remember the vacuum

In your cleaning schedule, ensure you’ve spare time for vacuum cleaning. Carpets and couches can harbor dust and other dangerous pathogens if not well cleaned. A hand-held vacuum cleaner helps capture all these particles and therefore ensure the place is cleaned thoroughly.

Remember the ‘out of sight’ areas

There are some areas in the house that aren’t easily noticeable and therefore it is easy to forget them. The ceiling fan, for instance, is not so popular but it is a tricky sport that could dirty the whole home if not well cleaned.

Like any other job, cleaning a condo can be boring and therefore you must look for a way of spicing it up. What is it that you love? Some good country music? Or is it some jam? Get it on- get the volume where you need it best; enjoy your work.

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