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Choosing the Right Type of Fencing Panels for Your Home

There are so many types of fencing available today and choosing a fence that is suitable for your property can be a difficult process.  Each option offers its own benefits and unique design to serve its purpose.

While the process may be overwhelming, finding the right fencing panels for your home can be made simpler with the right considerations.

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Read on as House of Bamboo, a leading provider of sustainable indoor and outdoor solutions in Australia, provides some useful information to walk you through the most common types of fences  and help narrow down your options. But first, here’s some of the factors you need to consider when buying fencing panels.

4 Factors to Consider in Choosing Fencing Panels

  1. Purpose

Firstly, you will need to determine the purpose of your fence. This may serve as a privacy screen in your garden or only for improving the appearance of your property.

  1. Dimension

Once you have defined the purpose, you should now work out the height and length of your fence. This will help you work out how many fence panels will you need to cover the area you are working with.

  1. Budget

How much are you willing to spend for a fence? You should also weigh your priority:

  1. Treatment Involved

Finally, you should also think about the material you are buying – whether there is anything that requires regular maintenance or no re-treatment necessary.

However, these considerations are just the basics of finding the right type of fencing panel for your home. To enlighten you further, discussed below are the different types of fencing panels–as well as the most useful information that you’d want to know.

An Overview of the Most Common Types of Fencing Panels

Solid Fencing Panels

Excellent choice for privacy and security

Some of the most common types of solid fencing panels include the timber paling fence or colour bond fencing. But more than their obvious differences, these types of solid fencing panels have unique attributes that you’d want to take advantage of.

Timber Paling Fence

For those who are after a natural material, this is a good choice. This type of fence has different designs however one look is constructed with overlapping vertical feather edge boards, thus the name. Ideal for securing a boundary, usually the rear gardens. Cost is around 120 – $150 a metre for supply and install

Brick fence

Brick fencing is extremely durable however more expensive than timber and can be combined with timber and metal if required. The colour options are limitless and you can match it to your house colour if you like. Cost is around $550 – $800 and metre for supply and install.

Colour bond metal fencing

This option is good for those who don’t want to maintain their fence. The [panels are pre-made and you can select from a range of colours.  This fencing will cost around $100 $150 per metre for supply and install.

Decorative Fencing Panels

Works great for privacy and aesthetics

Decorative fences serve a variety of purposes and they work great in providing the privacy you need or simply beautifying  your garden.  These are often also made in the Bamboo material – and also great for pool privacy.

Venetian Fence

This fence is consisted of horizontal semi-solid panels made from timber slats, with gaps in between. It is used in a variety of installations and can also double as garden dividers or privacy screens. Cost is around $280 – $350 a metre for supply and install


For an excellent way to enclose an area or provide dividers within a garden, this is the right fencing panel to use. Whilst its open nature is not ideal for privacy, it still serves many different purposes such as providing a framework for climbing plants to be trained.

Hurdle Fence (also called weave fence)

This fence is constructed using willow or hazel and is ideal for creating a rustic look to your garden. It can also serve as additional privacy as it comes in different heights.

The wide array of decorative fencing types available guarantees you to find a fence that will comply to your needs. Nevertheless, whatever your choice is, it’s sure to make a statement for your property.   Note these type of product also can be supplied in a Rattan equivalent.

So which type of fence do you think will look best in your garden? Let us know in the comments section below.

Company Bio:

House of Bamboo is Australia’s trusted source of eco-friendly and high quality natural materials that can be integrated into contemporary setting. Our range encompasses high quality bamboo fencing, timber screens, privacy screens, decorative screens, ceiling panels, rattan cane webbing, fence panels, and pool certification.


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