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Choose a hardwood that lasts long

If you want to install deck in your home, then choose a wood that is tough and lasts for lifetime. There are many decks available with respect to material, but Ipe decking is the best option with high quality wood and cost low maintenance. The wood is so solid that that are safe from termites as well and also known as the strongest wood in the world.

Fundamentals of maintaining decking

  • Best finish – you should seal the deck with the paraffin wax after an hour if it cuts to prevent it from cracking. To prevent the deck from fading, it is essential that the deck has proper finishing. IPE wood is also affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. So, it needs a thin coating of ultraviolet blocking oil.
  • Staining – it is essential to clean the surface of Ipe wood to prevent staining. You can use a mixture of water, bleach and detergent or deck cleaners with a hard brush to clean it completely. The main point is not to damage the deck.
  • Restore the color – you can use a power washer to maintain the natural color of the gray deck. You can apply a layer of penetrating oil that protects the color of your wood after drying. You can apply it with the paintbrush. Sprayers can also be used as they leave a thin layer on the surface.
  • Clean deck – It is necessary to sweep excess waste and junk from the deck. Rinse with water, clean with some special products and neutralize the ph, is the complete cycle. Check if the surface is dry and clean, it means its condition is good.
  • Maintain regularly – regular sweeping and washing with the garden hose is necessary to keep the deck clean from dirt. Mop it with a solution of water and dish soap to get rid of spills and scuff marks. Regular oiling is must to protect the wood from drying and developing cracks.

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