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Challenges Faced by Solar Energy Contractors in Seattle

Majority of the solar energy contractors in Seattle are in agreement with the survey that recently revealed that the United States’ solar energy sector has been hit by a great deal of expansion through the past few years. The report shows that the country witnessed approximately 76% more installations of solar systems in 2012 in comparison to the year 2011. By 2013, the country’s solar energy sector already had the capability of generating well over 8,500 megawatts and creating at least 119,000 employment opportunities for American citizens. However, as is ascertained by the Seattle-based solar energy contractors, in spite of the rapid rate of expansion of the solar energy sector in the United States, it might still take time before fully substituting the fossil fuels. This is because some drawbacks are still in existence and as such interfere with the penetration of the solar energy concept.

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One of the main challenges of the solar energy, according to experienced and reputable contractors in Seattle, is the country’s grid infrastructure. The truth is that through the past century, the power grid in the United States has not experienced any substantial adjustments or modifications. So currently, with millions of Americans enthusiastic about going greener and saving the ecosystem, the power grid might not be ready to deal with renewable form of energy. Basically, the electricity is stowed. Upon its generation, it goes straight into the power grid from which it is flown via power lines for the purposes of meeting the electricity demand and supply of the country.

In any case the demand for electricity exceeds the expectations; the electric power in the individuals’ homes may drop significantly or even totally go out. Nevertheless, when the demand for the same is below the expectations, there is a great deal of energy wastage. In order to ensure these problems are not experienced at any point in time, it is necessary to ensure that there is equilibrium between the consumption of energy and production of the same. In as much as the general solar energy cost in the United States has gone down to a significant level over the years, it still proves to be a costly form of investment, particularly when their inefficiency is taken into account. As per the report by the National Academy of Engineering, a large number of solar panels only reach between ten and twenty percent in terms of efficiency.

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