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Best Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Coming up into summer wasps and bees become more of a problem in your home and garden. Although they are pretty harmless in small numbers, when they set up a nest in your backyard it can be very frustrating and disruptive to your family. Although some people prefer DIY removal methods, it is much safer to call in the professionals such as Endeavour Property Services who offer wasp control in Auckland. As the professionals have the gear and experience to safely remove wasps first time. Below we will cover some things you can do yourself to prevent and get rid of wasps in your own home.

1. Spray the Nest with Hot Water & Dish Soap

One of the simplest ways to get rid of a wasp nest, you can make your own natural wasp killer by using hot water and dish soap. This soapy solution works because soap breaks the wasps water resistant barrier. Instead of water normally beading off their bodies as it hits the surface, it sticks and clogs up their breathing tube. This homemade solution drowns bees and wasps. The best way to apply your homemade solution is with a hose-end sprayer, this is a tool that siphons out products from a bottle and mixes the product with water for easy spraying. The advantage of using this tool is that you can be spraying the nest from a distance, so you are protected from angry swarms of wasps. Another good tip is to always treat wasp nests should be treated at night when wasps are inside and calmer.

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2. Plants that Repel Wasps

Another good way to deal with wasps is to deter them instead of killing them. One way to repel them is to plant certain types of plants, although most plants attract wasps, the majority of herbs act as natural wasp deterrents. These herbs include oregano, bay leaves, basil, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, mint, rosemary, dill, parsley, thyme and chives. So, an easy way to repel herbs from your garden is to plant an herb garden, as these herbs let off a scent that is unpleasant to wasps and bees.

3. Clean Up Food Sources

Wasps are often attracted into your garden to find a food source, this can come in many forms, from fallen fruit of fruit trees, meat from pet food or sweet or sugary household rubbish. One way to avoid having wasp in your garden in the first place is to ensure there is no food courses lying around that are attractive to wasps. Wasps prefer sweet and sugary food and meat products, so ensure you pick up fallen fruits as well as keeping rubbish bags well sealed.

4. Put Up a Fake Nest

A great way to prevent wasps setting up their nests in your backyard is through putting up a fake wasp’s nest. These can be purchased online or made from a paper bag over a metal frame. Then hung in a free or visible location, this method works as wasps are very territorial and wont not up a nest in another colonies territory.

5. Smoke

Another option which is highly effective at repelling wasps is to use smoke. There are many ways you can easily do this at home including, light a fire in your BBQ just below the nest, or building a small bonfire. The smoke then will rise up into the nest causes the wasps to abandon the nest. Although this is not a fast fix you need to allow the smoke to rise for an hour or two, and when you’re sure the nest is empty, put the fire out and then knock the nest down using a stick or other object. Please note that this technique only works on hanging nests.

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