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Benefits of Pedestrian Gates

Working in this industry, a very common concern that’s often repeated by homeowners is “How can I make sure my property is secure from intruders and vermin?”. While it may not be the first idea to cross into people’s minds a good solution is oftentimes the installation of a pedestrian gate. A pedestrian gate is essentially a locked gate on the outside of your property placed between a fence or wall that allows you to feel secure that only the people you authorize enter your property.

Security with Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates have many benefits such as keeping out would be thieves, unwanted animals, solicitors trying to sell or advertise a product to you, and unruly neighborhood adolescents. Only those with the proper key (or key code if you use an electronic lock) will be allowed to pass through the pedestrian gate. Although it doesn’t seem like the best protection you can get, pedestrian gates are proven to reduce unwanted foot traffic in your property when properly installed by a professional. Not only that, but any potential burglars are likely to pick a different home or business as their victim who doesn’t have a pedestrian gate installed. They’re also excellent at protecting any cars, trucks, boats, or other vehicles from thieves, and are especially helpful for homes that don’t feature a garage. However, in order to stay as secure as possible, we recommend you make sure your pedestrian gate is paired with a high quality fence that is tall enough to discourage anyone or anything from crossing over. In more rural areas that are dimly lit, a pedestrian gate can be a life changer for your sense of security and peace of mind, especially after the sun goes down.

Value of your Property

In addition to the multitude of security reasons someone might want to get a pedestrian gate for, there’s another big reason someone might want one of these gates outside their home; when done right, pedestrian gates can look absolutely stunning in front of your home and add a slice of luxury to your abode. There are many different types and styles of pedestrian gates, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find one that matches what you want and will improve the overall aesthetics of your property. Pedestrian gates are often times a small touch that goes a long way in making your property look significantly nicer. It’s not just looks either, adding a pedestrian gate to your home will also raise the property value of your house and will pay off in the long term. If you’re a landlord and thinking of renting your home to tenants, pedestrian gates can help protect your tenants while protecting your investment and potentially raising your monthly rent income. Like many home improvements, you can look at a pedestrian gate as both a financial investment and something you will use everyday (not to mention the security benefits that will keep your family safe). With all the benefits we went over above, it’s clear that getting a professionally installed pedestrian gate is something every homeowner should consider.

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