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Beetle Infestations Are a Cause for Concern, Don’t Ignore Them

There is no need to be hesitant about calling commercial pest control firms when you suspect that you have a beetle infestation on your premises. The demand for pest control Reading services is probably much higher than you believe, it’s simply that no one boasts about it. Issues should never be disregarded; the ramifications can be serious.

Pests, in general, are opportunists who see their entrée to a safe home with a ready food supply and take it, ignorant of the displeasure or fear that they cause in humans. A hairline crack or dipped floorboard can be enough space for a small pest like a beetle to enter through and an infestation can ensue which may, if left unattended, lead to damage and in the worst cases, structural issues.

Pest control Reading specialist teams respond swiftly to a call for commercial pest control services. Pest Control Berkshire offers a same day response at no premium and they use unmarked vehicles and wear plain overalls so the neighbouring businesses or residents won’t be alerted to the purpose for attending your premises.

Please don’t try to establish which beetle infestation you’re suffering from at your commercial premises, allow trained, qualified and experienced professionals to do this for you. They know what they’re looking for. Several species of beetle are prone to damage food and manufactured goods as much as property itself.

You may have carpet beetles, weevils, furniture beetles (adult woodworm) or even cockroaches. They have the collective name of Textile Pests. A carpet beetle may be 2-4mm in length but fur beetles are normally 4-6mm, weevils in a stored amount of grain may be of several species.

Happily, beetle infestations unlike several other pest invaders, do not carry pathogens or spread disease but caution is always a wise strategy. Cockroaches pose greater problems. They will eat almost anything to survive and the HSE ruling is that they are wholly unacceptable in public areas. Ignorance and avoidance are never justifiable excuses for failing to secure safety for employees, customers and consumers through commercial pest control services.

The same need for professional advice exists with commercial pest control treatments. Whilst over the counter products may look attractive, ask yourself why pest control Reading specialists would be required if beetle infestations were so simply eradicated.

Hiring experts with access to treatments which are not available in the public domain is the only way to enjoy cost effective, timely and comprehensive results.

If you hope to use local authority services or funding to remove beetle infestations, or any other pest control service, please be aware that not all councils will assist because there is no law binding them to do so. It is the property owner’s legal responsibility to ensure that the issue does not spread to neighbours and adjacent premises under the 1949 Prevention of Damage by Pest Act. (PDPA.)

Peace of mind is an invaluable commodity so act at the first opportunity to remove beetle infestation issues.

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